The 3rd series of the Air-o-thon, themed “Bengaluru’s Toxic Air”, took place in Bengaluru focusing on the alarming rise in air pollutants in Bangalore’s toxic air. The Airothon conference continues to be the national sharing hub for finding solutions to the air pollution problem.The Bangalore edition of Airothon Air Pollution Conference not only led to mass awareness but also made people aware of where we are still struggling with various environmental issues. Education about these issues is badly needed in India. The first technical session was on Air Pollution Issues, Health, Solution and Treatment in Southern India. This session was moderated by Dr Radha Goyal, who was representing IPCA. The other distinguished speakers of the session were Dr. Shivalinga Swamy Salimath, Pulmonologist, Vasavi Hospital, Bangalore, Siddhartha Arora, Director APT Technologies, Gurugram, Haryana, Dr. Mahesh T, KSPCB, Bangalore and Dr. Raja Krishnamurthy, Vice President, Research & Technology Asian Paints Ltd.

Dr. Shivaliinga Swamy Salimath spoke about the air quality index during Airothon. He mentioned that India is one of the most polluted countries in the world. He further elaborated on the hazardous effects of air pollutants on health and concluded by emphasizing on health issues that arise because of air pollution. Siddharth Arora of APT Technologies- a pioneer in manufacturing of world-class air filters, gave a presentation on Air Quality Challenges & Solutions in Centrally Air-Conditioned Buildings. He mentioned that such buildings have challenges of their own. He also brought up the risks related to indoor air pollution and briefed the audience on IAQ associated problems and how they can be reduced by the usage of appropriate air filters.

Dr. Mahesh T. talked on the Air Quality Scenario in Bengaluru during Airothon. He gave a presentation on how the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board is developing and implementing rules on air pollution, solid waste, biogenetics, plastic waste management and more. Dr. Raja Krishnamurthy, spoke primarily on the Importance of Indoor Air Quality during Airothon. He declared that there is a lack of awareness among people about indoor air quality. He presented the company’s ROYAL ATMOS paints series, which claims to improve the air quality in any living space. Royal Atmos paint uses activated carbon technology which helps in reducing harmful pollutants, removes malodors and makes the indoor air cleaner and fresher.

Questions from the audience were also directed towards the technical panelists of Airothon. Dr. Amrita Thakur, joined the panel discussion in response to a query from the audience. While answering one of the questions, Dr Mahesh mentioned that the government had implemented 48 action plans, one of which was the introduction of CNGs in industries as fuel. He also emphasized that the government is keenly working on these actions to make the air cleaner and breathable for Karnataka residents.

Upcoming Editions: 26 October 2018, New Delhi and 14 December 2018, Mumbai. Watch this space for the latest updates on the conference. Green Ubuntu is a digital media partner for Airothon.