An emergency plan is going to be implemented in order to combat Delhi air pollution which has started showing a deterioration towards the poor category of air quality. The announcement has been made by the Central Pollution Control Board. The emergency plan termed as the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) will allow strict measures to kick in on the basis of the state of Delhi Air Pollution.

In case Delhi Air Quality swings between the moderate to poor category, several steps may be implemented such as prevention of garbage burning in landfills as well as the enforcement of pollution control regulations in places such as industries and brick kilns, a CPCB official has said. If conditions deteriorate further and the air quality stands in the very poor category, more steps may be taken including stopping the use of diesel generator sets, increasing the frequency of metro trains as well as buses to encourage public transport, together with enhancing fees in parking areas by about 3 to 4 times. All such measures could be taken and implemented, the CPCB official has said.

However, if the Delhi air quality falls in the severe category, more drastic measures could be in line such as increasing the frequency of mechanized cleaning of roads, sprinkling water on roads to settle the dust as well as identifying roads and streets which have high dust concentration.

In case Delhi Air Quality falls to severe plus category, the following more steps could be implemented: stopping entry of trucks into the national capital (except the essential commodities), stopping all construction-related activities, along with the appointment of a task force to decide on additional measures such as shutting of schools. All these steps may get implemented. The emergency measures clearly depend on how Delhi Air Pollution shapes up in the days to come, particularly keeping in mind that Diwali is round the corner. And solutions will need to be in place before it again becomes a horrid situation.

Courtesy: PTI