Bollywood celebrities such as Dia Mirza, Anushka Sharma, Richa Chadha, Yuvraj Singh, Juhi Chawla, and many others came together on the occasion of Earth Day 2018 and sent out a strong message that everyone should do their best to make planet Earth a better place to live. On Earth Day 2018, which is observed on April 22 every year across the world, environment activist and actor Dia Mirza, UN Environment Program’s Goodwill Ambassador for India, urged fans as well as followers on Twitter to say a big no to plastics and their use. In a recent interview, Dia Mirza also spoke about the need to harness renewable energy and how India is going big on solar energy.

“Celebrate Earth Day with pledging to beat plastic pollution! Say no to single use plastics #BeatPollution #EarthDay2018 #EndPlasticPollution #CleanSeas,” Dia Mirza tweeted.

This year’s Earth Day focuses on people around the globe coming together to oppose plastics and their use and mobilizing the world to end single-use plastic pollution and creating support for regulation for disposal of plastics.

Actor-producer Anushka Sharma also feels “so disheartening and terrible” to see that people’s plastic addiction is destroying wildlife and mother nature. “This Earth Day, it’s time to wake up, start acting and put an end to it now,” she said on Twitter.

Veteran cricketer and environment enthusiast Yuvraj Singh says “a healthy Earth means healthy all of us”. “Let’s (take a) pledge to protect our planet and make it more green and healthy and say no to plastic.”

Actor Juhi Chawla shared a personal anecdote.
“Just travelled to Delhi and Ahmedabad… the streets are a mess. It is plastic, plastic, plastic everywhere … and cows foraging for food nearby. Wake up! Do your little… little drops of water make the mighty ocean,” she tweeted.

People are organizing marches, meeting officials, signing petitions, planting trees, cleaning up towns, and roads across the world. This day emphasizes the need to protect Earth and the environment. According to Earth Day Network, this year’s Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to spreading awareness about pollution caused by plastics. Plastics are poisoning marine life (leading to deaths of hundreds and thousands of marine animals). They are present in food due to packaging and poisoning human beings, leading to life-threatening diseases. The exponential growth of plastics is threatening the planet’s survival.

Film maker and producer Ritesh Sidhwani says on Earth Day: “sustainability is key to survival and efforts are key to sustainability. Let our efforts be for ending the use of plastics, let’s give it our best shot”.

Earth Day for fight against plastics

Bollywood actor Gautam Rode wrote on Twitter: “Let’s make an effort towards a greener and a better world.”

Designer Masaba Gupta said: “Earth doesn’t need us to survive but we surely do”. “No action is any smaller, no job is going to be bigger than this. Do your own bit, a change starts when you start thinking, it starts from home. #EarthDay #GoBeyondPlastic,” she said on Twitter.

Bollywood actor Richa Chadha also put her weight behind the movement and exhorted her fans to support the planet Earth.