Traveling for some people is like a hobby and for some exploring new things for recreational purposes is like a treat to their brains. Those people who have travel a lot don’t like to go around places where everyone goes on their vacations and instead they look up for places that are underrated and most people don’t want to go.

Searching for new places is a tough choice and every person has a different point of view when finding a place to visit like many people want to travel on hilly mountains, some admire deserts and flat surface places. You might have seen many articles referring reverse image search tool option to find tour places but how this tool works and how this tool can help you find your desired tour place? Check out this article to create a better understanding and usage of this tool.

What is Reverse Image Search?

A reverse image search is a tool first introduced by Google to help users find their desired images or information using an image as a query. Reverse image search in simple words is a tool which takes a picture as a query and put out results by looking through millions of websites and platforms and put out similar or same pictures with relevant information.

How to Use Reverse Image Search Tool?

Using this tool is very simple and easy, even a newbie can use this tool and find out the answer they’ve been looking for. To use this tool you have to go to a website offering a reverse image search tool, after opening you will see some options like:
 Copy and paste the URL of the image
 Upload your image in supporting format.JPG, .JPEG, .PDF and so on
 Drag and Drop the image into the field
 Search by using a keyword e.g. Cat, dog, etc.

You can find this tool on many websites like Prepostseo or even search directly using Google images option. After inserting the query in the field just press enter (if the website supports) or click on the button below the tool and in some seconds you’ll get the results.

Using Google for reverse image search is sometimes not that effective every time as it looks for images uploaded on Google only. To avoid any inconvenience you can instead use a website like above mentioned to look up for images in different search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex at the same time.

How this Reverse Image Search can help you find tour places?

Nowadays people use technology for almost everything and smartphone and the internet is a basic necessity. If you are a traveler and look for different places every time then you might have gone through the problem where you find a picture on social media of a place and you are desperate to travel to it but you don’t have relevant information about the place all you have is a picture.

You don’t have to worry about it, the reverse image search tool is here to help you out. You can find relevant information about the image by just uploading the image in the tool and
you will get the following results:
 Similar images and the same images
 Different resolutions of the image
 Origin or source of the image where it was first uploaded
 Name and relevant information about the image

You will see the results will show you the name and address of the place in the picture which you can use to visit the place shortly.
NOTE: If you are unable to find the desired results then the picture might be original and never uploaded on a website that is still traceable but with lesser information.

Different Uses of Reverse Image Search Tool

There is not just one use of this tool although it has several advantages for different situations. Here are some of the most popular and effective uses of this tool:

Find an apartment or Hotel

You can easily find suitable and affordable apartments and hotel rooms for rent by just uploading the picture of the room and this tool will show your relevant hotel and nearby areas where you can find your accommodation.

Find Recipe by using Picture

Other than traveling if you are fond of cooking and you find out the picture of some food on the internet and you don’t know how to cook it and want to know the recipe. Just upload the image and it will show you the source of the image where you can find your required information.

Debunk Fake Accounts and Scammers

There are thousands of people online trying to gain benefits from people using different techniques while creating a fake profile on social media and other similar platforms. They use fake pictures of celebrities, singers and other people. If you are in doubt you can just upload their display picture in the tool and it will show the name of the personality in the picture which you can use to expose them and save yourself from being scammed.

Keep your content safe

Many of the bloggers and content creators face a problem where other people steal their content without their permission. Keeping an eye over the whole internet is not possible. The best way to keep a check on your precious content (images) is to check your images through the reverse image search tool, this tool will show your site having this picture and other blogs or sites that uploaded the same picture with the date which you can use to remove those pictures and send a copyright strike on them.


Reverse image search is a tool that finds similar images and pertinent information about the image. You can use this tool to find info about the different locations you admire. All you need is to just upload a picture as a query and this tool will let you know the answer you’ve been looking for. There are plenty of other uses as well for different situations and
conditions. Give it a try!


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