In the present times, the preservation of planet and environment is of importance. Global warming and climate change are here. They are realities in the 21st century. Pollution and ecological degradation are at unprecedented levels. Temperatures have increased by more than 1 degree since the 1880s. Arctic Ice is at its lowest level. Sea levels are rising fast. In order to save the environment, institutions must come forward. And NGOs (non-government organizations) are doing their bit to protect the environment and have taken the fight in their hands. Voice of Environment NGO is one such which has made it its mission to promote healthy living.

The NGO has started a new campaign on a new way to spread awareness among people in Badarpur, Assam, India. They are carrying out spot fixing and town beautification to boost their present ongoing mission of “The Clean And Green Assam” under the vision of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission) to make the Indian Assam clean and beautiful. The state has been one of the richest as far as environmental heritage is concerned. This new innovative mission has been started from Badarpur, Assam.

Voice of Environment NGO painting school walls in Badarpur, Assam

The Voice of Environment NGO plans to extend their outreach to the entire state. The initiative was led by Gaurav Roy, Member, VOE with the support of environmentalists such as Moharana Choudhury from Guwahati, Assam and Nigamjyoti Choudhury, Member, VOE. They planned the program and proposed it to the School authority of Maharshi Sandipan Vidyapith School, Badarpur, Assam to support and allow them for the spot fixing on the boundary wall of the school. VOE has taken this innovative initiative from Badarpur and their mission is to spread it all over the State.

The Voice of Environment NGO claims that its aim is to make the Badarpur town as clean as possible. It also wants to keep it pollution-free by creating awareness among the people of the town with visual spot fixing on boundary walls. Mr. Babul Dey and Sajal Dey, local inhabitants of the town, supported the VOE team and gave their time to paint and decorate the walls for this Mission. The NGO VOE says that it wishes to keep the town clean and green and continue this new theme in different places of Assam.

“This spot fixing activity took 7 days to complete. A total of near about a length of 35 meters wall has been painted and decorated to create awareness among the mass people of the town. VOE wishes to make Assam Clean and Green. Team VOE invites the people of the State to support this cause to make Assam Clean, Green and Pollution Free State,” says Moharana Choudhury.

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