Swedish–Swiss multinational ABB says it has commissioned India’s first industrial solar microgrid at the Vadodara manufacturing facility in the state of Gujarat. Microgrids, with integrated battery energy storage, help in reducing planned as well as unplanned power cuts. When connected to renewable sources of energy, they allow more control to companies on when and how to deploy stored power. A primary benefit of such a grid is reduction in the overall operational costs as well as cut in electricity bills.

ABB’s largest facility in India is in Vadodara, which has more than 3,000 employees. It is one of its biggest manufacturing centers in the world. “The industrial solar microgrid is first of its kind to be installed at manufacturing campus in India, and will harness the area’s solar energy supply to help the expanding factory meet growing electricity needs while lowering its carbon footprint,” the giant MNC has said.

The industrial solar microgrid’s rooftop photovoltaic field as well as the battery energy storage system would support the factory’s productivity as well as enable green power supply. A control and automation system will serve as the brain of the industrial solar microgrid, which ensures the maximizing of renewable energy use. This center’s carbon footprint will be down by about 1,400 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) every year.

Growth demands power and access to clean reliable electricity sits at heart of India’s economic development,” says Claudio Facchin, the President of ABB’s Power Grids Division. “Solar energy-driven ABB industrial solar microgrid at Vadodara campus reinforces our commitment to clean energy, as we lead by example to enable a stronger smarter and greener grid,” he adds.

ABB makes power equipment such as high-voltage products, transformers, distribution relays, motors, generators, and turbochargers at this Vadodara facility. This company is functional in the sphere of electrification products, industrial automation, robotics and motion, and power grids. Moreover, it operates in over 100 countries with around 135,000 employees.