Lightning Strike is finally here. Lightning electric bike company showcased its entry level electric sports bike called the Strike. The company had been teasing it over the past few months. The electric sports bike would come in 3 variants called the Strike standard, mid range as well as the carbon edition. The varying versions of Lightning Strike come with different battery packs. They also boast of different power figures.

The Lightning Strike standard comes with a 10 kWh battery. It delivers a range of 113 km along with a high way range of 161 km. The electric motor of Lightning Strike produces about 88.7 bhp of power along with a robust torque of 244 Nm. The mid range model can produce the same power but its larger with a 15 kWh battery and can deliver 168 km and 240 km in city and highway, respectively.

On the other hand, the top end carbon model comes with 20 kWh battery. The Lightning Strike motorcycle can deliver 241 km in city as well as 321 km on the highway. Plus, the carbon edition is more powerful with output at 120 bhp and 244 Nm. Though the claimed top speed for the Lightning Strike is 241 kmph, the standard along with the mid range edition can touch 217 kmph. E mobility is picking up as far as tech is concerned.

The bigger battery and power on the carbon model of Lightning Strike showcases carbon fiber body panels. What is attractive is that it also has premium components like the GPS supported AIM Strada instrument cluster along with the lap timer besides the Brembo brakes as well as the Ohlins suspension. As the name suggests this is a powerful sports bike. Coming to the design of the super electric sports bike, the Lightning Strike has the same appealing aesthetics as compared to its more high end sibling, which is the LS-218 electric superbike. The Strike is laid back in terms of elements such as the ergonomics. It sports a relatively greater upright riding stance for riders for easier usability. It is a good package overall, which will appeal to the youth.