The Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd., (MRPL) has achieved a big milestone as far as solar and renewable energy consumption is concerned. It has commissioned 6.063 MWp of solar power project on its premises. This is the largest such facility at any refinery site in the country.

The oil refining company has installed solar panels on as many as 34 different locations and that includes roof tops: RCC as well as the sloping sheet steel roofs, which are atop water storage plants, among other things.
The MRPL has spent Rs. 27 crore in order to bring the solar project that has been executed by M/s Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd. The solar power project delivers around 24,000 units of power each day. This amounts to around 8.8 million units in a year.

The oil refinery has installed solar capacity to produce more than 234 MW of solar power on its premises. The solar power project has resulted in an annual savings of around 2,680 tonnes of oil equivalent as well as reduction in CO2 emissions by as much as 7,000 tonnes, says a release from the company.

The MRPL said that the solar power project demonstrates its continued commitment to drive its sustainable development agenda with a sharp focus on the reduction in carbon emissions as well as renewable energy generation.

Solar power projects take off in a big way

Recently, the Indian Union Territory of Diu became the first in the country to totally run (100 per cent) on solar energy generation. In a span of 3 years, Diu, also a city, made progress as far as solar power generation is concerned. Spread in 42 sq km, Diu is the first Union territory, where total electricity requirement is met from solar power. Despite land scarcity, solar power plants have been installed in over 50 acres of land. Diu generates 13 megawatts of electricity from solar power facilities. Around 3 Mega Watt is through rooftop solar plants, 10 MW by the rest of the solar plants.