Portable and evaporative off grid toilets do not require plumbing, water, or even electricity. Such a low cost, off grid, compact, as well as environmentally safe toilet is able to evaporate around 95 per cent of sewage without any energy input. This is achieved with the aid of a simple yet highly innovative polymer membrane. Users do not need plumbing or even water to flush such a toilet. The membrane itself acts in the manner of a sponge, which “soaks up and accelerates the evaporation of liquid content without any use of power or even heat.

The vapors released are actually pure clean water. On the other hand, the dried solids which are left behind can be safely contained inside a membrane. The innovative idea has been developed and conceived by protein biochemist as well as entrepreneur Diana Yousef. She is the CEO of Change: WATER Labs. Her solution is a portable, off grid toilet which primarily operates without plumbing, water or electricity. It is also called Chivas Venture – Change: Water Labs.

Such volume reduction also means one more thing: this is that such toilets only need to be serviced maximum once or twice a month. The innovative toilet also sends waste water back to nature “in the purest form.” This is primarily an attempt to promote such a “cycle of use as well as reuse in a much more efficient, sustainable, as well as low carbon way. This is a great product.

As many as 2.6 billion people on the planet, particularly in the lesser developed nations of the Third World who inhabit countries located in Africa and Asia, do not have access to safe and hygienic toilets. This impacts health of general public as well as women in particular. Such glaring absence of civic facilities are sure shot hurdles to women empowerment. In fact, girls are subjected to high rate of violence when they do not have access to safe as well as dignified sanitation. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/d3y7R3Vci6s