The United Arab Emirates (UAE) in its vision 2021 is trying to bring about diversification of its resources by shifting away from fossil fuels such as oil. In the year 2012, Sheikh Mohammed started the initiative of green economy with the slogan: green economy for sustainable development. As part of this drive, the UAE is trying to transform into an international hub as well as a highly successful role model for the new green economy. This will enhance the nation’s competitive ability as well as its sustainable lifestyle.

It will also conserve its environment for the generations to come. As part of The drive, the United Arab Emirates has made it its objective to transform into a global leader in this area as well. The United Arab Emirates or UAE has also been at the forefront of the export of green technologies and products. It has also pledged to maintain sustainable environment in order to lend support to economic growth. The go green drive is inclusive of a number of programs as well as policies in the arenas of agriculture, energy, transport as well as investment. This is beside new policies governing the environment and construction. The effects can be seen in the architecture of Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed has made it his objective to build up a robust economy which conserves the environment as well as the vice versa. Environment strengthens economic growth. The green economy drive of United Arab Emirates has targeted six major fields and arenas which cover a huge range of policy, legislation, programs, as well as projects.

They include the first field of green energy as the country strives for the promotion of the production as well as utilization of renewable energy sources.

The other field targets policies of the government which are supposed to invest in the green economy as well as provide support to the import.

The third field is related to the development of policies regarding urban planning to conserve the environment as well as increase the efficiency of housing and buildings in an environmentally friendly way.

The fourth field includes the means of dealing with the drastic effects of environmental problems such as climate change, promotion of organic agriculture, maintenance of biodiversity as well as the protection of the ecological balance.

The other field strives to rationalize the utilization of water resources, power, as well as and natural resources and recycling of waste.

The last field includes developing and promoting green technology.

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