On the occasion of World Environment Day, many organizations came forward to take the cause of the fight against Single Use Plastic Pollution. One such is Voice of Environment (VoE), a small NGO in Assam, which on 27th May 2018 started its own mission of creating ‘Clean, Eco -Friendly Plastic Free Zone.’ The mission started on 5th June 2018. The organization is trying to clean up areas in the state which are littered. It has also signed an MoU with historical structures and others in this regard. It is trying to build awareness and therefore conducted a program in this regard on 5th June 2018 among devotees/visitors to make such structures ‘Clean, Eco -Friendly Plastic Free Zone.’ This is in line with the theme of this year’s Environment Day Beat Plastic Pollution.

“We believe this would be a perfect stage to conduct awareness programs to take the campaign forward of making such places ‘Clean Eco -Friendly Plastic Free Zone,” says an activist associated with the movement. The structure is Assam’s historic and iconic place in the country. It is said to have great ecological importance, especially for Basistha Ganga River which flows as Bharalu river through the Guwahati city. Such structures have mythological relevance. The place faces many environmental challenges. Towards this, Voice of Environment started the activity with plantation program.

VoE member and Environmentalist Moharana Choudhury and Minakshi Dutta handed over the plant saplings to the authority for adopting it and planting it within temple premises. After that an open public meeting was held in the presence of visitors, such as priests, vendors and shopkeepers. The session was chaired by Doloi (authority). Felicitation ceremony had done by team members such as Mcdonald Choudhury and Kanhaiya Poddar to temple authority as special Guest, as Kamrup Metro Dr Dhrubajyoti Hazarika, ACS (President, Temple Authority), Bor Doloi as Grindramohan Sarma , Dr Sulekha Chakaraborty, Social worker, Medical officer Basistha Health center and In charge Basistha Temple police station out post were present during the meeting.

They spoke about Beat Plastic Pollution and cleanliness of the temple area and Doloi supported this initiative as it is prestigious, mythological importance as well as iconic tourist place of Assam to set an example in country and globe to send a positive sustainable massage. There are many challenges as well as immediate need for safety measures for Basistha Ganga River as it is facing some serious environmental issues. Environmentalist Moharana Choudhury highlighted the waste management and its disposal aspects in the surrounding area of the premise as it is directly related with water quality and sustainability of Basistha Ganga River which is flowing through
the Guwahati city as Bharalu.

Single Use Plastic is a problem these days everywhere as it is directly causing clogging of our drainage system so citizens must avoid to Beat Plastic Pollution and especially carry bags. People supported the cause Beat Plastic Pollution as it is an iconic place and there is a need for protection of heritage places.