Pollution is a big threat to mankind. According to estimates by 2030, the oceans would have more plastic debris than the fish in it; such is the scale of its pervasion. Moreover, they are toxic substances that stay in the ecosystem and do not degrade. They choke drainage systems; the Mumbai flooding is a case in point. Adidas, together with Parley for the Ocean, an environment initiative, launched a novel range of products that are made from plastic that has been recovered from the ocean.

Human development has taken a heavy toll of the environment and it’s consequently our duty to clean it. A number of organizations used to pledge doing something about it but tangible achievement was hardly visible. With the crisis taking gargantuan proportions, many companies have come up with innovative ideas to fight pollution and prevent the environment from degrading. The Ultra Boost shoe will come in three variations: Ultra Boost, Ultra Boost X, and Ultra Boost Uncaged.

Adidas to make 1 million shoes from recycled plastic from oceans

Every pair of shoes would use material equal to eleven plastic bottles. Laces and linings are also made out of recycled materials. The shoes are by themselves high energy, comfortable and good looking. They are available in two colors: white and blue. Due to their lightweight, the shoes are perfect for jogging. However, please don’t expect it to keep you afloat on the seas! That’s too much to ask from a small piece of plastic. Of late, Adidas has been proactively taking steps to be environmentally responsible. The company has also replaced plastic bags in stores by paper ones. Adidas aims at producing around one million pairs of the shoes by using the plastic refuse recovered from the oceans this year.

Marine plastic pollution leading to environment degradation in oceans

This will be a huge initial impact on the problem that civil society faces of marine pollution and environmental degradation. The company Adidas says that its efforts are aimed at integrating sustainability and green technology into its business model.

This makes it a wonderful opportunity to spread awareness among companies to be environmentally responsible. The move would also provide a competitive advantage in addition to the environmental benefits it provides. By 2020, Adidas hopes all the shoes that it manufactures will be made from recycled plastic that is jettisoned in the oceans, thereby devising a solution for the huge problem faced by water bodies across the Earth.

This will make a significant difference to the waste plastic that is found in the oceans and which threaten biodiversity and ecological balance due to their toxic effects. This is also expected to lead the way for other big companies to examine their own environmental impact and find out ways to minimize it. We are just hoping that the company keeps the products reasonably priced and affordable–after all it is recycled. Keeping it affordable would also increase the reach of the company and its products. We hope many such solutions would come to the fore. After Adidas, it could be Nike or Reebok. The race to go green has just started.

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