As much as 92 per cent of the people across the world breathe unhealthy air, which results in close to 6.5 million deaths per year, as per the latest World Health Organization (WHO) reports. Air Pollution is a big and growing global challenge. GreenUbuntu has tied up with Air-o-thon, a platform for raising awareness about the environment and the perils of air pollution. The partnership is aimed at ensuring better air quality across India and the world.

“We have had great success and support from the people of India. We want to make this a national movement as well as take our mission to the masses of this country for sustainable future. We hope our collaboration with Green Ubuntu will take this mission forward,” says Praddep Maithani, the founder of the series.

Look at what is happening in Delhi. The air pollution is such that many people are calling it a gas chamber. Through the tie-up, the idea is to generate as much awareness as we can about the environment. I feel that critical news about the environment often gets missed out from the national headlines. We want to reverse the trend. Also, there has been immense degradation in air quality. The development model has to change,” said Muqbil Ahmar, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Green Ubuntu.

It has always been the mission of Green Ubuntu to bring people and organizations together to combat issues of environmental health. This is aligned with Airothon’s vision to create environmental awareness through their own activities. GreenUbuntu supports the initiative and is a proud partner.

“We want to prevent the Earth from reaching a stage from where there is no looking back. We want to take this message to every citizen of the country. It is high time we realized the importance of fresh air and make it really mainstream. I am sure our partnership will secure the future of our coming generations,” added Muqbil Ahmar.

The second conference in the series took place on October 26. The third of the series is slated for December 14 in Mumbai. You can reach out to Airothon through their Facebook page and through this website as well. Do join in large numbers to make the mission a success.