Avan Motors, which is an Indian manufacturer of electric vehicles and scooters, is mulling launching a totally innovative series of electric scooters or e-scooters. This new range of electric scooters is being described by the company as ‘cutting edge digital tools and technology’ and which have the potential to convert the new electric scooters into “smart scooters,” for Avan Motors. E mobility is on an upswing in India.

The company has said that the current electric scooters incur a running cost of just 10 percent as compared to a vehicle that runs conventional fuels. Also, Avan Motors offers after sales service to customers together with road-side assistance as well as an extended warranty to the electric scooters. Avan has Xero + electric scooter in India, which is priced at Rs. 47,000 (this is ex showroom price).

Electric vehicles are the future of commuting and travel, and, our vehicles have that eco friendliness which needn’t come at the cost of less performance. The Xero+ has received a great response from users and comes at an affordable and practical price. Continuing with the success story, Avan Motors plans to launch new electric scooters as well as vehicles across various categories in order to meet the needs of a wider consumer segment. Each and every product would be a unique one in its own category. They would be equipped with a range of features which would make them a leader in their segments. We are working with advanced technology which is promising to enhance user experience and satisfaction and benefit them in various ways: says Pankaj Tiwary, who is the Business Development Head at Avan Motors.

The Xero + from Avan Motors is basically powered by a battery that is lithium ion and it has a substantial range of around 60 km on one single charge. This can be expanded to 110 km through the option of a second battery. The charging time for the lithium-ion battery set up is between 2 and 4 hours. The electric scooter has the top speed of 45 km per hour. The scooter battery is detachable and this could be charged with a regular plug point at home or that at the work places. The Avan Xero + of Avan Motors has a front disc brake as well as a rear drum brake which can take a load of about 150 kg. E mobility is the future in India.