Avan Xero Plus Electric Scooter has been launched in India by Avan Motors. The latter is a Pune-based electric vehicle company. Avan Xero Plus bags twin battery packs. These could be charged to the full in about 4 to 6 hrs. Avan Xero Plus is offering a range of 110 kilometers.

Avan Xero Plus was shown to the public in September of the year 2018. The electric scooter has now been launched and comes at a pretty affordable price tag of Rs 47,000. Avan Motors targets to encourage the consumption of electric automobiles in India. As per Avan Motors, the Xero+ gets an 800-Watt electric motor, with dual lithium ion battery packs. The lithium ion batteries (each weighing 8 kilos) could be charged in about 2 to 4 hours. A single battery offers a range of about 60 kilometer. The combined range is 110 kilometer per charge. The batteries can be removed. They may be charged through a regular domestic power stream socket.

Avan Xero Plus Competes with Ather 340, Ather 450, and Okinawa Praise

The set-up provides the top speed of about 45 km per hour. Avan Xero+ electric scooter is being offered in 3 colour options: Blue, Red, and White. Avan Xero Plus also bags a 15.2 liter top box at the back for more and better storage. Avan Xero+ also comes armed with disc brakes at the front as well as drum brakes for the back. The electric scooter may take a max load of 150 kg.

Suspension is through telescopic forks at the front along with twin coil spring units at the back. Avan Xero Plus comes with extended warranty options too. There is an initial spare parts tool kit. Avan Motors will provide after sales service. And road side assistance for the buyers. Avan Xero Plus competes with the likes of Ather 340, Ather 450, and Okinawa Praise. These are the other electric scooters being sold in India.

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