With the plastic ban coming into effect in Maharashtra, several enterprising entrepreneurs have come up with viable solutions to fight the plastic menace. Plastic, non-woven bags, E-waste have hazardous impacts on the environment, nature, human and animal lives. It is misbalancing marine ecosystem and killing marine lives, animals. Plastic bags have been one of the reasons for the heavy floods in Mumbai and Chennai. In order to solve the problem of rampant use of plastic bags, Green Yatra has come up with a solution called Bag for Cause. The ecofriendly drive works to save the environment from harmful as well as plastic, non-woven bags, E-waste and helps to empower underprivileged as well as tribal women.

• Durable
• Washable
• Economical
• Available in different sizes as well as designs
• Good for daily use such as grocery stores, offices, colleges, etc.
• You can gift as well as distribute these eco-friendly bags to family, friends, employees, as well as students.

Moreover, there are a few more benefits to support “Bag for Cause”, such as it is GST Free, CSR Benefits, will help in employment of underprivileged tribal women. There is also the provision of certification together with association from NGO Green Yatra, working in the field of environment.

How Does Bag For Cause Work

Bag for Cause is not just saving environment though empowering underprivileged and tribal women and creating a livelihood for the same. The NGO identifies needy women in the rural as well as urban areas and facilitates them in bag stitching, designing, training as well as provides them with sewing machines. They run training centers in Bhiwandi and Ambadi areas and has been dedicated to training and empowering tribal women since 2012. They also aim to empower 1000 underprivileged as well as tribal women in 2018. Keeping this vision in mind, they are working to set up more training centers in Mumbai, Palghar, Thane, and Raigad districts. A woman can make 15–100 bags daily as well as earn a good amount of money along with taking care of her family as well as household works.

Green Yatra is running a campaign to raise funds for the project in which you can exchange your raddi with cloth bags. In this campaign, housing societies, corporates, companies, schools, as well as colleges can collect and donate their dry waste and E-waste to Bag for Cause. In return, they will be gifted both low cost (bags for daily needs such as grocery) and better quality designed clothes/canvas/cotton Tote /Jute bags with witty environmental quotes and messages that people can use for shopping, going to offices, colleges and such other purposes.

What you can donate for Bag for Cause

Dry Waste: Including newspapers, raddi, notebooks, old books, cartons, cardboards, magazines, printed waste papers, tetra packs, boxes, plastic bottles, bags, metal scrap, empty cans, etc. E-Waste: Including items such as computers, TV, electronic appliances, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, fridges, washing machines, dryers, stereo systems, toys, toasters, and kettles, etc. The initiatives will help United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About Ushi Fatma

Author at greenubuntu.com. I am a freelance journalist, environment activist, fashion blogger, and a short film and documentary maker. My association with Taru Mitra, an organisation working hard for the environment in India, taught me the value of nature preservation. I want to make the world a better place for future generations. Being a mother, I know how important it is to do that. I love nature, art and creativity.