It seems that Bajaj Auto is increasingly turning its focus to the mounting electric two wheeler space. MD of Bajaj Auto Rajiv Bajaj has been building the brand and says that there is huge work going on on developing an electric scooter. In the year 2017, Rajiv Bajaj had said that the organization is working on a new specialized and niche brand in the company and had termed it Urbanite. He also claimed to be trying to “do a Tesla in the two wheeler space.

Bajaj Auto is among the few Indian companies to evince keen interest in the Electric Vehicle arena. However, most of the electric scooters which are on sale these days are yet to deliver to their potential. New companies such as Ather also have quite a long way to go before they establish themselves and become mainstream. So, not much has changed in the EV space in the past few years.

Bajaj Auto Has Been Working on the Urbanite for Some Time Now

Urbanite has been in the works since quite some time, as per the head of the company. All this goes to the credit of Rajiv Bajaj. It appears that Bajaj Auto doesn’t want to enter the scooter space with a product which is similar to the offerings by other electric two wheelers of the country.

If it is a high-end electric offering, then it should be close to the products that Ather Energy has been churning out, particularly with regards to its scooters. However, particular details are yet to emerge of the specifications of the electric scooter and much clarity is missing on that front. It could be something resembling the Chetaks or could be a more modern take of the scooters seen these days. A number of industry pundits speculate the vehicle to be a 125 cc scooter with good performance.

Bajaj Auto has several firsts to its credit. The first Pulsar was launched more than a decade and a half ago. Bajaj Auto has now become one of India’s largest manufacturers as well as exporter of motorcycles in the nation. It has been successful in branding its identity as the ‘The World’s Favourite Indian.’

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