In a step forward to attain sustainable green transport and achieve emobility, the Delhi Government has decided to deploy 1,000 electric buses in a bid to fight the air pollution that plagues the city. Particularly in the winters. The national capital Delhi is well on its way to becoming the first Indian city to deploy such a large number of electric buses.

In 2018, the Delhi government assured the Supreme Court that it will deploy around 1,000 electric buses in the city. The Indian government has approved FAME II scheme for the electric vehicles (EVs). The step forward to achieve emobility has been approved by the Delhi Cabinet. The proposal to run 1000 low floor electric buses in the city state in order to counter the hugely spiking air pollution levels. This often ends up causing smog.

According to chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal, the highly necessary step will help the capital become the first Indian city to display such a huge number of electric buses. This sustainable development drive comes in the wake of the Arvind Kejriwal government assuring the Supreme Court in July of 2018 that it will deploy 1,000 low-floor buses from June to July 2019. This attempt to give a boost to emobility in the country will go a long way in containing air pollution levels. Both the state as well as the central governments has been taking a number of initiatives in this direction. However, state government has been taking a greater lead than the union in this respect.
Moreover, the Delhi government has also allocated Rs. 100 Cr (around $ 14.08 million) to the state electric vehicle fund for its 2019 to 2020 budget. The Delhi government has also proposed an expenditure of Rs. 1807 crore to boost the implementation of the state’s transport department’s schemes, programs, and projects.