Electric scooters are quite popular these days, particularly among the youth and the millennials. Consequently, it has given rise to a concomitant increase in electric scooter accidents. An agency in the USA has been tasked with studying the patterns of electric scooter accidents for the first time. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has started to collect as well as analyze the data that is being obtained from the rise in such electric scooter accidents, especially those connected with shareable electric scooters.

This new study project has been started after instructions from the Public Health and Transportation department in Austin, Texas, in the USA. The development is particularly prominent in view of the fact that there has been a change in injuries that are related to electric scooters. This is also important keeping in view that ride hailing services are being offered by ride sharing companies on electric scooters.

The electric scooter market has been witnessing a boom across the world and more so in the USA as well as in Canada. However, certain parts of the world such as the countries like the UK or cities like Madrid restrictions continue to have restrictions in place. This electric scooter sharing market has been driven by mobility as a service companies offering scooters for fares. The development has led to a range of different startups which have entered the scooter technology or the hiring service market. For instance, e-scooter startup Bird has recently been able to secure $ 300 million for its plans aimed at expansion. It has been supported by financial giant Fidelity. This is part of the company’s fight for becoming a leader in “micromobility”.

There are many safety issues which have been associated with e-scooters. Local authorities have been expressing concern about the growing electric scooter accidents. Helmets are recommended for riding such electric scooters. However, they are not compulsory (though they are compulsory in some areas as well such as in California). Even with the wearing of helmets, riders are not completely protected incidents or even accidents. It is a welcome step to study electric scooter accidents.