Urban communities in India (and the world) are detonating, as is the waste they make. An Indian family of four creates 2.2 kg of waste every day. In a city, that indicates a great deal of refuse! What a great many people don’t know is that 60 percent of that waste is natural material (kitchen and nursery), which can without much of a stretch be treated to rich compost at home.

Poonam Bir Kasturi has made home fertilizing the soil a propensity for a large number of individuals over the globe with Daily Dump, India’s first home composter for urban spaces, which she planned in 2006, much before Swacchh Bharat turned into a famous expression.

It is unquestionably simpler to toss the loss out. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you can change over it to valuable and rich ‘smell free’ fertilizer, then why not? That was her take when she did home-treating soil advancement, seven years prior, which would diminish day by day trash yield by 80 percent.

Daily Dump’s items offer answers for waste administration in homes, networks, workplaces and open spaces. Its scope of composters empower change in individuals’ conduct and attitude to help preserve nature. Their mark earthenware ‘Kambha’ has become a much-cherished image of pride in clients’ homes. Aaga, their locale composter, is India’s first hot heap composter. It doesn’t utilize power, and is intended to be kept up by urban condo networks for decentralized network treating the soil.

How DailyDump is utilizing WhatsApp?

Daily Dump has a devoted WhatsApp number for clients to associate for any inquiries, backing, data, and different subtleties, and furthermore utilizes WhatsApp gatherings to interface as a group inside and with accomplices in various pieces of India.

Through the WhatsApp Business application, they interface with around 50 clients every day, some of whom are in the US, Dubai, and Australia.

“We have numerous clients who connect on our helpline with photographs, and we give them live demos on what to address,” Poonam says. “In our business, this is basic. In the event that a client comes up short at their first endeavor at fertilizing the soil, they will never hit it up.”

The timings and area map on the application additionally permits them to assist clients with finding solutions, and find them without an issue. WhatsApp, for Daily Dump, has implied better consumer loyalty, speedier redressal of issues, increment in referrals, and simplicity of client commitment.

Just about 10 years prior, discussions encompassing waste isolation and treating the soil were restricted to specialty portions of society. Today, with around 60,000 clients ready, Daily Dump’s solutions help spare more than 50,000 kg of natural waste every day. It’s genuinely a waste to-prize story.

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