Water balloons, pichkaris of colors, and gulal are how people celebrate Holi, the vibrant festival of colors. Revelers immerse themselves in mazza and masti (fun). Some food for thought: If a person uses one bucket of water (minimum), that is 15 liters of water. If five lakh people play Holi in one city, there is wastage of 75 lakh liters in a day. The amount increases many times if a person indulges in playing, bathing, and cleaning. That is an extravagance in these water scarce times. How to balance sustainability and tradition? This year, let us see how to celebrate the festival of color in a way to make your Holi celebrations eco-friendly and green. You can make a difference as you have fun celebrating eco-friendly Holi. Here is a complete guide to the festival of colors.

1. Make your own colors for eco-friendly Holi.: Rang De Basanti

Regular turmeric turns into vibrant colors such as red and orange after blending. Henna and Neem can give you shades of green and chandan a great fragrance as well as a glowing skin. Use traditional and natural materials such as flowers. Use flowers such as marigold, gulmohar and rose. Avoid harsh chemicals. Organic colors are washable and reduce water consumption. Gram flour, sandal wood powder, henna powder can be used to make colors. Use vegetables like beetroot to create colors. They are great on the skin. Celebrate eco-friendly Holi.

2. Play symbolic and dry Holi

The festival is also about spreading love, joy, and happiness rather than color every single person. Go green this Holi. Save water. Spread awareness by organizing campaigns in schools and colleges of India.

3. Use less of water and/or balloons for eco-friendly Holi

Using water balloons creates unnecessary garbage and wastes water. It also causes injuries. Plan your celebrations and decide the amount of water to be used. Avoid plastic bags and balloons filled with water. They litter the environment, can hurt others, and waste water too. Celebrate eco-friendly Holi.

4. Don’t throw colours on animals

Coloring animals is not good. Chemical colors cause harm to their bodies. Be more sensitive towards them and celebrate animal-friendly Holi. Animal Welfare Board, activists, and People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) appeal every year not to throw colors on pets and animals.

5. Play community Holi

Designate area for playing Holi so that you avoid the house getting dirty. Celebrate eco-friendly Holi.

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