Due to the activities of human beings and their exploding demands and models of unsustainable development, the environment is facing a number of grave challenges which would include the likes of Climate Change, Global warming, Ozone Layer Depletion, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution, wildlife extinction, and others. In fact, the biosphere of the Earth cannot take any more. We must pitch in and find ways on how to save our environment.

1. Say bye to smoking: You should quit smoking as it is a major air pollutant and is life threatening. Though you may want to continue with the deadly habit and harm your health, it is definitely not fair to put the health of other people around you at risk. Also, you could prevent passive smoking through voluntarily not smoking indoors or while travelling in public transport. This is an ingenious way on How to Save the Environment.

2. Beat plastic pollution: Plastic bags contribute majorly to pollution as well as to global warming. But we continue to use them and dispose them in harmful ways along with organic waste. The dumped plastic waste in the landfills take around 500 years to decompose. It also leaves behind harmful gasses. Reduce plastic use, recycle and reuse plastics as far as possible. Use biodegradable alternatives and look up our other posts on how to save the environment.

3. Keep plants in your homes: House plants add to the beauty of surroundings as well as aid in maintaining the temperatures around through the addition of moisture in the air and reducing microbes such as airborne bacteria and fungi. Plants reduce indoor air pollution by replacing carbon dioxide with life-sustaining oxygen. In fact, two house plants per 100 square feet can detoxify the indoor air in a much efficient way than a disinfectant spray or air fresheners. Pollutants are absorbed through the leaves of a plant.

4. Be an early bird: Wake up early so that you can finish your work before sunset and reduce the dependence on electricity and lighting. As per studies, 35% percent of energy consumed in an Indian household is used for lighting purposes. Early to bed and early to rise can keep the planet healthy, wealthy and wise. Save electricity and reduce your power costs.

5. Conserve water: Water is a basic amenities. It is fast becoming scarce, particularly fresh water. Go for water harvesting. Switch to efficient toilets. Decrease water wastage.

Learn more ways on How to Save the Environment in our future posts.

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Greenubuntu Evangelist and Author at greenubuntu.com. Apart from being an environmentalist and passionate nature lover, Charukeshi Rajkumar has more than 35 years of software industry experience, with more than 20 years focused on Business and Functional Analysis, including team lead roles. She can be reached at charu@xtra.co.nz