The long tradition of using banana leaves for culinary uses has been found across cultures of the world. Therefore, it is time to revive the banana leaf tradition in our lifestyle. The leaf which has umpteen benefits for human beings are particularly a hit in Southern India.

If you go down South , every household uses banana leaves in some form or the other, either as utensils or other items. In fact, on special occasions, banana leaves are used to feed the guests. Banana leaves are not just beneficial, but also add aesthetics due to their beautiful green presentation on the platter. Cut them in different sizes and have a pleasant looking dish on the table. Let’s review some of the major benefits of the banana leaves.

Economical – Simply wash the banana leaves and use them. It is as simple as that. No washing powder, no scrubbing, etc. You can certainly do a lot of other important stuff by not spending money on buying those expensive utensils.

Anti-oxidant properties – Banana Leaves contain polyphenols that have the potential to prevent a number of lifestyle diseases. They have anti-bacterial properties as well that kill harmful germs found in food.

Eco-friendly – plastic utensils are used to that puts a lot of burden on nature. The production of plastic utensils are Combusome. Plastic utensils doesn’t decompose either. This leads to a lot of waste creation.

Easy to dispose – In fact, you don’t even need to wash these leaves. It is just use and throw. That extra effort for washing utensils is solved. Spending money on maids to wash utensils is also sorted.

Hygienic – Normal utensils need to be washed using soap. Many a time, traces of soap are left over the utensils which is harmful for the human body. The wax coating prevents dirt and dust from sticking to the leaf surface. Earthy and subtle flavors are an add on over the cuisines that you may be relishing.

In fact, India has a centuries-old tradition of serving food on a banana leaf. Particularly, in the South, having food on banana leaves is often thought to be pretty healthy as well as auspicious. Many use banana leaves to bring an authentic angle to several occasions such as festivals like Onam Sadhya and family get-togethers. Thought to be sacred, the leaves are huge enough to serve a meal of several courses, varying from chutneys to sambhar. They are also easy to cut in various shapes and sizes and can fit on a platter of any size. 

So, now if someone treats you on a banana leaf, just head on to the feast and dig it in!

About Ushi Fatma

Author at I am a freelance journalist, environment activist, fashion blogger, and a short film and documentary maker. My association with Taru Mitra, an organisation working hard for the environment in India, taught me the value of nature preservation. I want to make the world a better place for future generations. Being a mother, I know how important it is to do that. I love nature, art and creativity.