A Cleanliness Drive was organized at Lake Manasbal in the Kashmir Valley by several civil society groups including NGOs and eminent personalities. The effort was to make the place eco-friendly. NGO Social Concern Group (SCG) organized the interaction cum cleanliness drive around the Manasbal lake as part of their “Save Manasbal” project. Various other organizations such as the All JK Youth Society, Communication Capacity Development Unit for Water Testing, Sindh Forest Division Ganderbal, JK Tourism Department, Environment Policy Group, etc. as well as some renowned personalities participated in the event and provided healthy and thoughtful insights. Views regarding “Save Manasbal” came flooding from all corners. People from all walks of life participated and expressed views on environment conservation.

Manasbal Lake Is a Pristine Lake of Jammu and Kashmir

Manasbal Lake is a pristine and one of the deepest lakes in the region. But it has now been thrown to bad days. The SCG and other organizations agreed to devise a working plan which will be presented to the Governing bodies on the basis of the concerns, issues and threats that the Lake Manasbal is facing. The plan will involve positive steps by local bodies, MDA, Government organizations and common people towards the rescue of the lake.

People living in the catchment area of the lake were made aware about the health of the lake and also how to go eco-friendly and restore the lake environment. Many expressed the view that the Manasbal Development Authority has been responsible for the pathetic state of the lake. They also expressed anguish over the MDA not maintaining the schedule of cleaning the periphery of the lake. They held MDA responsible for not providing basic necessities such as adequate number of bins for waste separation and disposal. The litter in streets and near footpaths is never disposed properly. All these pollutants ultimately find their way into the lake.

The government had earlier ordered the relocation of a majority of the catchment population from the Kondabal side to minimize the sources of pollution but the efforts have failed at the ground level.

About Dost Dar

Dost Mohammad Dar (Dost Dar) lives in Kashmir, India. He is a Writer, Poet and Activist. He is the Founder and President of Social Concern Group and ,Joint Effort for Welfare of Environment and Life {JEWEL}. He has published a number of articles and participated in national seminars.