Meet green innovator who left Tesla to make India’s fastest electric bike

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“This is what I left Tesla for. I used to work right alongside Elon Musk. Right now, I am here in Ghaziabad. This is my innovation center,” says Delhi-based Naman Chopra, the founder as well as the CEO of Rexnamo Electric Private Limited, who is building India’s fastest electric bike

Naman joined Tesla Motors in 2010 and worked there for a few years before he quit. He returned to India in order to solve the problem of electric mobility.

This is going to be India’s fastest electric bike,” he says, pointing to an electric bike parked at his site. “It can go from 0 to 60 km per hour in less than 6 seconds. The top speed is more than 170 km per hour. Charging time is less than half an hour. This is an example of the best that you can get if you have the budget,” he says confidently.

“I quit Tesla to come back to India in order to pursue my dreams. I primarily wanted to solve the problem of electric mobility in India. And I saw that nobody was doing it in the way that I visualized and wanted.”
He says pointing to the prototype vehicle.
“This is my prototype vehicle and test vehicle on which I keep testing new things. People often ask me to ride it and show them how it works. They want to hear its grunt.” (He laughs).

Naman did his schooling from Delhi, the capital of India and before he went to study at Purdue University. There he started learning about electricity as an alternative fuel and it was then that he decided to develop his own electric engine for a motorbike in college.

“When I was working with Tesla motors, I thought I can do this in India. So, I can back and started making prototypes for electric vehicles. We work according to the demands and requirements of people,” he says confidently.

“We have everything. We have a small but dedicated team of about 15 engineers who design as per your needs and requirements.”

Vehicles of such sizes and performance usually come with a lot of noise, for example, the bullets or the Harley Davidsons.

“This electric bike is already on and it does not make any sound. It cost me Rs. 8 lakh to build but for someone wanting the same thing now we can build it for Rs. 2 lakh.”

However, there is no limit to his dreams. He now wants to make a flying car.

“Everyone here has dreamt of flying cars. Even that is possible. That will be possible in the future. We are already ready with the designs and some informal quotations. Asked as to how he was going to do that, he says with a wry smile: “You can get in touch with me if you are interested.”

Naman Chopra is also a hotelier and an automotive writer. He has got several awards in his kitty such as the Young Entrepreneur Green Award by the Renewable Energy Expo. He was also invited by IIT Gandhinagar to showcase his electric superbikes. He is a man of several passions with interest in renewables, design, golf, and car racing.

Bio: You can reach him at He is the Chief Product Architect with Rexnamo India. He previosly worked as a Vehicle Engineer with Tesla Motors in Palo Alto, California (USA). He completed his education from Purdue University (USA) in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is also the Director of IEVRA (India Electric Vehicle Race Association).

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