Municipal Solid Waste Management is now becoming a major issue for any administration. Especially in growing cities such as Silchar in Assam, India. Population explosion, rapid urbanisation, unscientific town planning and lack of public awareness is adding to the problem. Silchar Mini City is at a rapid development phase as the second largest city in the state of Assam. The city is facing a crisis of Municipal Solid Waste Management. As far as management of solid municipal waste is concerned, it is a big problem. Production of around 85 Metric Tons of waste per day. Disposal of waste is a major problem. Open dumping grounds are affecting people and the environment at the site.

Immediate measures are needed for proper scientific disposal of waste and Municipal Solid Waste Management. Either by adopting a composting method or waste recycling is needed. Some advanced technical measures are also required to tackle sustainable waste management. There is a good scope of Biogas production from wastes of Silchar city. On an average, almost 97 per cent waste is bio-degradable. This is very suitable for such projects. Segregation of solid and liquid wastes is also a very important issue for the Silchar City.

Municipal Solid Waste Management Haunts Assam

Utmost care must be taken during the collection period for Municipal Solid Waste Management. This might lead to fruitful implications in the future. The local administration and people should develop the initiative for sustainable waste management. Citizen involvement in the process is the need of the hour. As per a study, it was found that citizen are willing to pay for better waste management for Silchar City. Thus, a safe and better environment can be achieved for every citizen.

Study on Municipal Solid Waste Management in Assam

We did a study. The authors are thankful to the Silchar Municipal Board (SMB). For their cooperation during the study. Authors are also thankful to citizens of Silchar Mini City, members of Voice of Environment for their technical support and cooperation during the survey and study on Municipal Solid Waste Management.

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