Okinawa Ridge Plus has now been introduced by Okinawa Autotech Ltd (this is a 100 per cent Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company which has been established in the year 2015) in order to create electric scooters which could drive our present toward a sustainable future. Okinawa Ridge Plus electric scooter has been launched in India at the price of Rs 64,998 (ex showroom).

The Okinawa Ridge Plus is different from the standard versions due to its new lithium ion battery which has replaced the standard lead acid version. The battery is lighter than the standard version. It also provides a longer range and is quite detachable as well. This allows scooter owners to be able to carry the ion battery to the charging point. It has been the other way round till now. The Ridge electric scooter was launched in the year 2017. On the other hand, bookings for the new electric scooter have been opened at Okinawa’s 200 plus dealerships throughout the country.

Okinawa Ridge Plus Review: Design Remains Almost Same

Okinawa Ridge Plus is the same as the standard version as far as design is concerned. The front apron is able to hold the headlamp. The electric scooter’s dual-tone scheme and styling is modern. Okinawa Ridge Plus is available in two colors: Lucent Orange/ Magna Grey and Mid Night Blue. Alloy wheels match up and are particular to this version.

Okinawa Ridge Plus Review: Dimensions of the Bike

Okinawa Ridge Plus electric scooter is 1,725 mm in length, 695 mm in width as well as 1,080 mm in height. The seat height is 774 mm which makes it easily accessible to riders of any size. The electric scooter also has 17 liters of under-seat storage space. This can take up basic knick knacks but cannot fit in a full sized helmet. Ground clearance is 160 mm.

Overall, the green bike is quite comfortable and convenient for urban commute.

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