Tarte Cosmetics has become synonymous with an approach that blends glamour with the green. It is a leader in high performance natural cosmetics. It has eco skin care products as well. The beauty industry is itself worth about $445 bn. There are several new as well as innovative brands which have been focusing on eco-friendly products that are cruelty free. Tarte Cosmetics has been able to promote as well as create sustainable packaging of high performance natural cosmetics in re-purposed as well as PCR materials.

They have also done encased or fabric wrapped make-up in eco-friendly resources. Right from reusable Amazonian clay eye shadow palettes and bamboo mascara elements to the maracuja lip exfoliant in a recycled tin, the company has always been at the forefront with the green glamour design. It has been a key component of the Tarte’s brand aesthetics and its approach towards sustainable makeup. The most iconic ingredients are sourced in a way to support local communities. CEO Maureen Kelly worked with cooperatives in the rain forests, ensuring those ingredients are sustainably harvested. Tarte Cosmetics is also helping nourish the ocean ecosystem and ensured that its most majestic creatures like sea turtles are quite well protected in a partnership with the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

US-based cosmetics company Tarte Cosmetics started in the year 2000. Sustainability and a care for the environment have been built into the core of the company. The organization’s mission has always been to give back to the society and environment by promoting a healthy and natural range of products.

Founder and CEO Maureen Kelly has also worked with co-operatives such as those in the rainforests in order to source ingredients such as the Amazonian clay. They have also ensured that the ingredients are being harvested in an ethical manner. Tarte Cosmetics has partnered with the Sea Turtle Conservancy. It reflects the company’s intent to give back to the society, environment, and the ecosystem. Women can rejoice at having a product which is skin friendly as well as cruelty free and environment friendly!

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