Even while trying to be sustainable and eco-friendly by celebrating Green Christmas, we need to remember that it is equally critical to make it fun filled as well as enjoyable. That is the most important thing. It entails that one connects to the inherent meaning of Christmas, in terms of religious, personal, or edifying traditions. The festival must talk to you and connect with you as it should: brimming with magic and wonder. Here are some Green Christmas ideas that you can implement this season.

Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. – Mary Ellen Chase
Take it slow: Don’t run in circles. Say “No” at times and focus your attention on details which often get missed. Celebrate and revel in the aroma of baking or even the tinkling sound of bells. Permit the Spirit of the festive season to percolate and surround you in the warmth as well as the joy that it signifies.
You need to connect with the season: Put up candles, decorate some Winter Tables, create tradition as well as reflect on the present or past. Fill yourself with the holiday spirit and savor the details.
Connecting With Others: Take time out for family togetherness and create new traditions. Bake and enjoy with children, send hand-written cards with thankfulness for every recipient. You could organize holiday parties with friends, focusing on the ones you love.
There are many Green Christmas ideas that abound. From giving gifts to decorations, the first most important aspect to bear in mind is: Simplify things around you. Simplicity cuts costs, stress, as well as the waste.
Use Sustainable Wrapping Papers: You can ditch the various rolls of wrapping paper as well as avoid any glossy or metallic gift wrap. Instead of that, you could use fabric gift wrap or any other creative gift wrapping ideas. Use greeting cards which you received the previous year or any such recycled material to make tags. On gift bags which need tags, write “Reuse this Bag!” in place of the recipient’s name.
Do Charity: Gift money to local charities. You could sponsor a child’s education or aid impoverished women to start small businesses.
Keep It Fun: Cut on spending, stress, as well as waste by getting family members to pick names and stick to the ‘one gift’ rule, allowing everyone to get one unique gift from someone that took out the time and energy to make the effort.
Do a White Elephant gift exchange: Every person only gives gifts which they were able to find around their homes without having to spend any money.
Handmade Gift Exchanges: Only hand-made gifts (from handknit scarves to cookies) have to be given.