Eco-friendly, biodegradable sanitary napkins invented by 2 India students

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Sanitary pads, usually available in the market, are made of 90 per cent plastic. Their disposal contributes to the toxic plastic waste. However, now a biodegradable alternative to it has been developed. Two Indian students, Niveda R and Gowtham S from an engineering college in Coimbatore in India, used their innovative talent in order to create a product which has the potential to reduce waste generated by sanitary napkins.

The students of the Kumaraguru College of Technology manufactured sanitary napkins using the Kenaf fiber, which is primarily extracted from a plant and is completely degradable as well as eco-friendly. The Kenaf plant is known for its absorbing properties, natural anti-microbial properties as well as good resistance to rot and mildew. The innovative product has the tremendous potential to reduce waste generated by sanitary napkins and will help in providing the country with a sustainable and biodegradable alternative. The plant is grown in twelve states of India can therefore be a sustainable option due to its wide availability.

“It was done for trial purpose, as we learnt the plant helps reduce greenhouse gas. In the process, we found the plant requires little water and fertilizer for cultivation. Furthermore, the plant also had absorbing tendency, natural anti-microbial properties, and resistance to mildew and rot,” a college statement has said about the innovation.

Two students bagged Rs. 75,000 for biodegradable sanitary napkins

In order to to improve the application of the Kenaf fiber, the two students extracted it from the available plant and produced sanitary napkins which are completely degradable as well as eco-friendly. The two students are currently pursuing a course in fashion technology and were able to bag the India Innovation Initiative (i3) 2017 for their eco-friendly sanitary napkins. They also managed to earn Rs. 75,000 for their efforts.

The India Innovation Initiative (or i3) is promoted jointly by the Department of Science and Technology, Confederation of Indian Industry, and the All India Council for Technical Education in order to identify, reward, as well as recognize the top innovators of the country and help them commercialize their innovations through mentorship, incubation support, investors and industry connections.

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