Terracotta Clay water bottles!! Wallistry, Chennai has designed and developed clay water bottles. The bottle is a hand-thrown pottery / handmade produced by working clay on a potter’s wheel. The porous nature of clay gives cool water and provides the healing feature of the earth. Natural raw materials are processed in an environmental sustainable way. No toxic or harmful chemicals are used and it is 100% bio-degradable.

The reddish color is because of its iron content and no artificial colors are used. The products enhance and inspire people towards a conscious lifestyle, to nurture a better world. This has also provided local artisans of rural Tamil Nadu with a platform to revive their skills.

Join with me to congratulate Anjanakshi Bhaskeren and Soundaryan Umapathy and wish them all success, who established Wallistry, a brand situated in Tamil Nadu. Established by engineers Anjanakshi Bhaskeren and Soundaryan Umapathy in March 2017, the brand expects to break the tedious structures found in mud.

“We’ve generally known dirt through cooking pots and diyas. At the point when we began Wallistry, we needed to make something that was economical and utilitarian. That is the point at which we thought of earth water bottles,” clarifies Anjanakshi Bhaskeren.

“The permeable idea of mud likewise gives us cool water and gives the mending highlight of the earth. Its capacity to cool water as indicated by the atmosphere is a quality you can’t discover in some other material. It likewise fit our structures and its crude surface gave it the common look we were searching for,” says Soundaryan.

The initial step for them was to contact neighborhood craftsmans and cause them to comprehend what we had at the top of the priority list. They visited places like VV Puram and Puthukotai in the insides of Tamil Nadu to discover craftsmans that were talented in the specialty of embellishment.

“We would not like to force our structures on any of the craftsmans, so we tried to ask their recommendations on the plans too. There are two different ways to do earth stoneware, Handthrown and Slipcasting, and after numerous conversations, we picked the previous,” makes reference to Anjanakshi.

While slipcasting just requires a form, hand-tossed earthenware needs the vitality and craftsmanship of the craftsmans. “We’ve selected to go with hand-tossed earthenware since it carries more an incentive to the item and gives neighborhood craftsmans a stage to resuscitate their aptitudes,” she includes.

Through the brand like Wallistry , they likewise expect to give the clients an overall connection with the items, which is the reason they’ve remembered its whole story for the bundling. “For us, it’s not just about deals, we additionally need to urge our clients to take on a maintainable excursion through our items,” she specifies.

Individuals have gradually begun understanding the need to change to a manageable way of life, they’ve comprehended its incentive just as the medical advantages and with items like mud bottles like Wallistry you can make it part of your regular daily existence. Other than their one of a kind mud water bottles, Wallistry likewise has a scope of stoneware pots that make certain to look extraordinary on your office work area.

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