Ather Electric Scooters will now be available on lease after a down payment. Ather Energy put up this plan to encourage people to go for its range of premium electric scooters. The Ather 340 as well as Ather 450 electric scooters are on offer. Ather Electric Scooters will now be available after a down payment, which varies across models. Generally speaking, a customer would end up paying a monthly rental, which starts at around Rs. 4000, for the electric scooters.

Experts say that company Ather Electric introduced novel monthly rentals and plans in order to facilitate purchase of Ather electric scooters, which have not seen spectacular sales or interest till now. Besides, it will add to the value proposition for its customers and get increased buyers.

The monthly rental will start onwards Rs. 3977 for the Ather 340, whereas it will be Rs. 4220 for the Ather 450. You are free to choose the leasing term periods which range from about 13 months to three years. The customer has the choice to keep back the scooter after payment of some more money after the rental period is finished. For the Ather 340, a customer will need to do a down payment of around Rs. 30000, whereas it will be Rs. 40000 for the Ather 450.

For instance, a customer pays Rs. 30000 in the form of down payment and Rs. 3977 for the next 36 months. After the period, the buyer can keep the electric scooter for Rs. 15000.

On the other hand, the first Ather electric scooter under this lease plan has been handed over to the customer. The delivery happened some days back. Presently, the electric scooters are available only in Bangalore. The company Ather Electric confirms that it will start expanding to other cities in India as well. The other cities which could follow include Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune. These cities are also going to have Ather Energy showrooms as well as public charging stations by the year 2020. The price tag for Ather 340 is around Rs. 1.09 Lakh, whereas it is Rs. 1.25 Lakh for the Ather 450.