From the Editor’s Desk: Green Ubuntu and Codec Asia have joined hands to save the environment. Codec Asia is a platform which is the largest forum for members of the consumer durables industry. It is by the industry, for the industry and of the industry. The two-day conclave, October 24 to 25, gave Green Ubuntu an opportunity to express its views and inform the august audience of how serious the issue of environmental degradation is. Green Ubuntu presented its findings in the first session on environment and sustainability and also participated in the panel discussion. The topic of the panel discussion was: How do citizens come together to ensure a sustainable model of development and does not harm the environment.

Founder and editor of Green Ubuntu Muqbil Ahmar presented his views on the subject of pollution, particularly e-waste. Green Ubuntu is the world’s most comprehensive website, covering a range of environmental issues such as global warming, climate change, pollution, wildlife conservation, rivers, solar and renewable energy and several other important aspects of the environment. We have recently added two more sections on the website after listening to popular demand: Food and Travel. We request everyone to join our movement and contribute in which ever way they can to the cause of the planet.

Green Ubuntu seeks to provide a platform for all the stakeholders to come together and save the environment. It seeks to develop a movement so that we leave the world a better place than the one we inherited. A large part of our job primarily involves advocating and raising awareness of the developments in the field of environment. This is one field which is undergoing rapid degradation, in fact, the fastest. Every day, every week, every year there is loss of habitat, rise in sea levels, extinction of species, etc. moreover, global warming and climate change are realities that face the human civilization in the 21st century.

The environment has been at the receiving end owing to the unsustainable and exploitative model of development. In fact, pollution and ecological degradation have reached unprecedented levels. The future of the entire human race is at stake. Temperatures have increased by one degree since the 1880s. 9 nine out of the 10 warmest years have happened since 2000, according to NASA. Sea level is rising at an alarming rate. Coastal Cities like Mumbai, New York, and London face the gravest threat. We thank Codec Asia 2018 for taking up this extremely important issue. The program was jointly organized by Tefla’s (an event company run by Kailash Singh) and EFF Times Editor Mansoor Ali.

Governments, civil society, industry, citizens, and institutions must get together to save the Earth. The alarm bells are ringing. It is time we pulled up our socks. Otherwise, it might just be too late.