Living your life in a sustainable manner would mean that you need to put efforts in place since it will take a somewhat long commitment, because there are a lot to explore, learn, experiment, dedicate your life to sustainable practices, etc. but, most importantly, live happily when you are doing it. But, what if, you are too lazy to do those things, and you can not imagine having to lift yourself and get into an outdoor activity? Well, most of the people do not know that even a sluggish and lazy fellow like you can make a difference even if you are just sitting inside your house and carrying out your lazy schedule and to try to Save Environment. Learn how to Save Environment from your couch, according to the United Nations.

5 Things you can do at home to save the environment

5 Steps You can Take at Home to save the Enviroment (Infographic)

5 Steps You can Take at Home to save the Enviroment (Infographic)

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1) Air dry whatever is possible. Allow your hair and clothes to dry naturally, instead of running a machine. If you wash your clothes, you need to make sure that the load is full.

2) Try to take short showers. Bath tubs need gallons more water than a 5 or 10 minute shower.

3) Consume less meat, fish, and poultry. More resource is used for providing meat than plants.

4) Freeze produce and leftovers, if you do not have the chance to consume them before they turn bad. You could also do this with takeaways and delivered food, if you know you may not feel like eating them the next day. You would save food and money.

5) Compost: Composting food leftovers can reduce overall climate impact whereas recycling nutrients. Recycling of paper, plastic, glass & aluminium will keep landfills from growing.

Some more steps for the enthusiastic:

6) Buy goods with minimum packing. Avoid preheating ovens. Until you need precise baking temperature, heat your food right when you turn on the device or the oven.

7) Plug any air-leaks in windows or doors to increase energy efficiency. Adjust thermostat accordingly: higher in summer and lower in winter.

8) Replace old and obsolete appliances with energy-efficient models as well as light bulbs. If you have an option, put up solar panels in your building or house. This would cut your electricity bill.

9) You may get a rug. Carpets as well as rugs can keep your house warm, and thermostat low and help to save environment.

10) Do not rinse. If you utilize a dishwasher, don’t rinse your plates before you run that machine. Let go of the diaper. Keep your baby in cloth diapers or a environmentally-responsible disposable brands. Avoid noisy snow blowers. Use some cardboard matches. They do not need petroleum instead of gas-filled lighters.

Suggested by the United Nations

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