In a bid to move towards sustainability, UAE based Pioneer Cement Industries has undertaken a green initiative. It has signed a historic agreement with Emirates RDF which would help it use fuel derived from household waste in its production plant. The company Pioneer Cement Industries is a subsidiary of Oman’s largest manufacturer: Raysut Cement. It has said that this will be the first cement plant in the UAE to utilize waste fuel. Thus, it will contribute to sustainable development as well as the environment of the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

“The UAE Government support to generate fuel from the common household waste is a milestone in the journey to becoming global leaders in sustainable waste management. Pioneer Cement has strong focus on environment protection. The green agreement would pave the way for us to use RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). This is a major step in innovation in cement production,” says Ashley Bryan, General Manager, Pioneer Cement Industries.

Emirates RDF has its plant in Umm Al Quwain. It is a $ 40 million joint-venture, which has been developed under Public Private Partnership (PPP) programme. It has been co financed by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, which is with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. The agreement has been signed with the shareholders, which includes the UAE based BESIX, Ajman based Tech Group, and Finland based Griffin Refineries.

Emirates RDF would do the processing of household waste from Umm Al Quwain and Ajman in Northern Emirates in order to produce alternative energy which could be used in the production of cement. This will eventually help phase out use of gas and coal. Pioneer Cement is one of the largest as well as the most modern cement manufacturers in the whole of UAE.

“By signing up, Pioneer Cement has taken the lead. We are confident more cement plants would follow suit. They will join the green road to environment sustainability. Rather than being just a business deal, the agreement between both of them, that is Pioneer and Emirates RDF is a great step for the people of UAE towards environmental protection,” says Christian Abl, who is the Director of Emirates RDF. He added that that RDF use would contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the cement factories. “This green initiative shows we are committed to the well being of the environment. We do our bit for cleaner and greener future,” says Joey Ghose, who is the Group CEO of Oman-headquartered Raysut Cement Company.

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