A team of in-home experts, looking into how technological advances could impact interiors of the future, have devised an innovative solution to pollution through household curtains. Pollution affects the health of many city dwellers and it’s thought that creating the Pollution Neutralizing Curtains could stop pollution in its tracks. Using existing nano-technology, the curtain fabric would be treated with a chemical substance that reacts with the pollutants in the air, breaking them down into non-harmful chemicals.

You may be tempted to think that homes are safe and have little to do with air pollution. Well, think again. Sometimes, indoor air pollution can be more than the outside and can be breeding grounds for diseases and ailments. According to an international report published by the journal Science of the Total Environment, indoor air pollution inside homes can be more harmful than the outside.

“Many of us tend to think that it is more polluted and therefore hazardous outside. We continuously blame factories, vehicles, and construction activities for the pollution, be it air pollution or water pollution. However, this is not always true,” says environmentalist Muqbil Ahmar.

The substance coating the fabric would act as a photocatalyst, which becomes active when subjected to a light source, such as the sun or artificial lighting within the home. Once active, the electrons coating the material of the curtain would rearrange, reacting with water molecules in the air and splitting into two highly reactive radicals. These two radicals go on to break down any harmful pollutants found in the air, converting them into non-harmful chemicals. Most of the pollutants would be broken down immediately after coming into contact with the radicals, however the few that do escape and attach themselves to the fabric could easily be removed by laundering the curtains.

Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillarys, the company which is making these innovative products, commented on the future curtains concept:

“The great thing about pollution neutralising textiles is that they are cost-effective and inclusive. In the future, everybody could have these innovative curtains in their home and do their bit to reduce levels of harmful pollution.”

Pollution Neutralizing Curtains is a concept idea from interiors specialist Hillarys. The curtains could help fight health problems, particularly in built-up, urban areas where pollution is high.

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