From the cartoon-themed yogurt for children like Winnie the Pooh to the indulgent caramel-crunch mixes for our sweet tooth, Chobani’s dairy products are a luscious, full-flavor experience that is made of only natural ingredients and packed with the goodness of protein. The products are a great of way to curb our cravings for sweet and still provide us with a high-protein snack that can help lose those extra pounds. It can be the solution to all your snack needs.

Pitching for Sustainable Food

Sustainability has, of late, become a concern the world over. This is particularly true for the food industry. People are clearly turning conscious about their food choices and prefer organic or home-grown fruits and vegetables. In fact, as people begin to have a clearer picture of how to be sustainable, an increasingly number of consumers will be seeking out food which meets standards of sustainability. People are aware and understand that the way food is produced has important implications for our environment as well as our own selves.

In the drive to provide sustainable food and boost sustainability practices, food companies can play an important role by spreading customer awareness and making choices that are sustainable. High-profile companies are increasingly making sustainability a key goal. One such company is Yogurt giant Chobani, which is doing it bit towards food sustainability. It is producing sustainable and fair-trade dairy and wants to bring the fair-trade label to the mainstream, particularly with respect to milk, yogurt and cheese. This  has literally triggered a movement the world over, with consumers demanding such labels so that they know how their food was produced. And this is happening, all thanks to Chobani.

What is the Chobani way?

America’s number one Greek Yogurt maker claims that all the products are made in a sustainable way. They are not genetically modified and only have natural ingredients, along with the maximum amount of probiotic qualities.

Contrary to popular belief, not all yogurts can give you gut-healthy probiotics. These are the live bacteria that science believes play a role in lowering your obesity and which can aid your intestinal and general well-being. Products heat-treated after fermentation have most of the beneficial bacteria killed. But not so with Chobani, whose label says that their Greek yogurt is made of five “live and active cultures.” Three of the probiotic elements found are: L. Acidophilus, L. Bulgaricus and Bifidus; the other two strains which are listed include S. Thermophilus and L. Casei, both of which are active cultures.

“Our health starts with food and what we put in our bodies. That is the reason we ensure our naturally nutrient-dense yogurt is made using the most sustainable way and follows the highest standards. We want universal wellness sooner than later and are totally committed to transforming the food system for the betterment of the planet. We stand for real change,” says Founder Hamdi Ulukaya. 

Chobani has taken it upon itself to create a sustainable planet. Let’s find out the other sustainability steps and green initiatives that it has been taking. The initiatives include cuts in usage of energy and water, emphasis on environmental aspects such as animal care, local farming, and optimization of packaging. The company says that it is committed to the planet and wants to make Chobani a guide for people who care for the planet.

The company’s website says: At Chobani, we believe business can be a force for good and living our guiding mission of better food for people extends beyond our products. From cow comfort on dairy farms to responsible manufacturing practices to being active members of the communities that we live and work: we are passionate about democratizing good, and help to accelerate universal wellness.

Impact of The Idea

The Chobani way has become quite popular. The retail business has been able to reduce the energy consumption of its units by about 17 per cent. This is sufficient to help power almost 111 single family homes in the United States of America for about a year. They have also cut their carbon foot print by up to around 840 metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Also, the yoghurt company is being mindful of the kinds of packaging system that they have been using. According to reports, they are looking at ways to minimize plastics in their packaging and reduce the use of polypropylene resin.

Investing in Sustainable Future

Being responsible manufacturers, the company is investing in technology which allows them to cut their environmental impact. They also work with cooperatives as well as local farms in order to make sure that the treatment of cows is safe and humane. They have donated more than three million cups of yogurt to food banks as well as pantries and collectively volunteered 3840 hours for community service and events. The Chobani way is turning out to be something that needs to be researched and studied for a sustainable life on this planet.

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