5 tips on how to celebrate green and eco-friendly Christmas

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This holiday season, let’s go green. Let us celebrate and spend time with loved ones in a way that is environment friendly. Let’s resolve to cut out waste and excess. These are some of the tips for people and families to go green and celebrate an ecofriendly Christmas.

1) Go for a natural Christmas tree

Having real trees is much more ecofriendly and green than the fake ones. Real trees can clean the air, protect the water and provide wildlife habitat. It is important for the economy. There are millions of tree farms across the world. Growing as well as harvesting Christmas trees could provide 100,000 jobs a year. It can become a billion dollar industry. Real trees are environmentally friendly.
On the other hand, artificial trees are usually made from plastic and are harmful. They have been found to cause health issues. They leave big carbon footprints. Real trees also smell so much better.

2) Conserve electricity: Go for LED lights this Christmas

Light Emitting Diode or commonly called LED lights consume less energy than traditional counterparts. They are more energy efficient and are better for the environment. Plus, they help you save money on your power bills. You can also go for solar power Christmas lights to decorate the house.

3) Respect nature: Give ecofriendly Gifts

Make good choices while you shop for holiday gifts. Buy local items or choose those made from recycled material. Reduce waste. Gift experiences or holidays, donate to charity, or help those in need.

4) Go green: Opt for eco-friendly wrapping paper on Christmas

It is important to recycle and leave a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. Choose recyclable wrapping paper. Reuse gift bags or packing material.

5) Don’t waste food: Millions go hungry every day

Though the holidays are an occasion for huge gatherings and feasts, it is also important to prevent food waste. Don’t buy more than you can eat. Use leftovers and get them distributed to hungry and poor people. Go for organic this season. Buy locally grown vegetables. Try to compost the left over and minimize waste.

This is the perfect time to calculate your carbon footprint and resolve to offset pollution or factors that contribute to climate change. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead.

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