Leaf Republic Advocates for Sustainable Solutions

by | Apr 15, 2018 | Eco Fashion, Ecofriendly products, News | 3 comments

Leaf plates have always been a part of Indian tradition. They are frequently used even
today. Curiously, it has been picked up by a few people in Germany. They got inspired by
the Indian trend and have started manufacturing plates as well as bowls made of leaves or
leaf-based products. The company, called Leaf Republic, is run by a group of people which
consists of engineers as well as designers. This is to ensure that the created products are
aesthetically pleasing as well as eco-friendly. It is a great way to reduce harmful plastics.

Leaf Republic built on financially sound foundation

The German company is also generating sizable revenue and has built a financially stable and
sustainable model. They are producing plates as well as tableware from leaves sourced
from Asia and South America. Leaf Republic also claims that no tree has been cut to make
the products. The company, which was on Kickstarter, has also received funding due to the
‘innovative’ concept. After 3 years of research as well as development, Leaf Republic is out
with the complete set of leaf tableware. Leaf Republic plans to ship products across the

Leaf plates good for environment

Each plate costs around £8.50 each, which is (INR 711.2). In India, we get a pack of 20
plates for INR 10. It says: We love to present things beautifully and package them
beautifully. Packaging is part of daily lives. As people and consumption keep on growing,
the packaging market has a substantial size across the world.

Leaf Republic provides a range of bowls, trays, as well as plates in various shapes and sizes. It
uses two layers of leaves as well as a waterproof layer of leaf-made paper sandwiched in
between. Though this may sound unreal, Leaf Republic is helping us save our planet from
harmful chemicals and products.

Other sustainable products that are green

Researchers from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology manufacture and develop innovative solar paint, which can generate hydrogen from sunlight and uses it with the moisture in the air. The RMIT team is also expecting this novel technology to get available for commercial use in about 5 years. The year 2017 has been productive as far as sustainable and green technology is concerned.