Renewable energy, particularly solar energy, has seen a lot of thrust these days as rapid innovations evolve and make their way into the market. A particular plug-and-play device based on renewable energy alternatives is taking innovation to a new level and attracting a lot of buzz. Shaped like the petals of a flower, SmartFlower has 12 solar panels and follows the trajectory of the sun at a 90 degree angle through the use of a dual-axis tracker. No wonder, the name SmartFlower.

SmartFlower is 40% more efficient than traditional solar products

As the sun moves, the SmartFlower has a tracking system which rotates on a dual axis. This is to ensure constant optimal angle for maximal energy throughout the day. Traditional solar panels are usually fixed, and, therefore only get minimal optimal positioning if installed correctly. After the day is over, the device puts itself to sleep and cleans its solar petals too in the process. Like a flower, the device rises with the sun, opens pretty wide in order to catch the rays, tracks it across the sky through the day and folds up in the evening.

According to its Austrian manufacturing company, the tracker enables production of 40 per cent greater solar power than a traditional photovoltaic panel. The integrated control panel compiles relevant information such as energy usage. This is then made accessible to users through the SmartFlower mobile application. Moreover, each of the SmartFlower’s petals are rear-ventilated and they feature brushes which can self-clean these panels every time they unfold and refold. The SmartFlower is installed for optimal function, but if needed you can relocate the solar system.

In comparison to roof-mounted solar panels, these can be moved even when you are moving houses. It is emerging as one of the latest and futuristic solar systems. The interesting piece of engineering can be a boon if one wants to insulate their house in case the grid stops working. The SmartFlower has 2.5 kW of solar energy panels and weighs around 1,477 pounds. In an unfolded position, the 12 petals have an impressive surface area of 194 sq inches, sizable to feed the machine.

The panels are bendable according to the speed of the wind. In cases where wind speeds exceed 40 mph, it folds down for protection. According to estimates, they cost around $25,000-30,000 for installation. The renewable energy module is available in 4 colors of porcelain, jungle, pearl, and ocean.

The smartflower inventors claim that the device is the ‘world’s first’ all-in-one solar energy product. Here are some of the things that it can do if used for a day:
• Charge up 2,400 smartphones
• Charge an electric car to drive up to 62 miles
• Wash about 17 loads of laundry
• Power LED lights for more than 4,300 hours
• Watch 360 hours of TV

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