Go Green: World’s first mobile solar ambulance launched in India

by | Apr 7, 2018 | News, Solar, Sustainability, Tech | 0 comments

A micro-ambulance plus mobile clinic, called Ambupod, has been developed by a Pune-based ex Indian Air Force officer. The solar ambulance comes with a cost-effective as well as utility approach to cater to rural together with urban health care. The three wheel motor-less vehicle can be attached to a two-wheeler to get it through village roads and congested urban and city traffic, says D Lavanian, the innovator.

In fact, solar powered motor-less micro ambulance for such rural areas as those found in India are perfect for medical emergency. Ambupod has been totally conceptualized, designed, as well as manufactured in India. The solar ambulance is a pretty cost effective, utilitarian, as well as a handy solution to India’s health care problems. The micro ambulance, which is also weather proof and is a three-wheeled pod, can be easily attached to a two-wheeler.

According to the innovator ex Indian Air Force officer Lavanian, who applied and holds a patent for the pod that is yet to be commercialized, the vehicle can handle around 15 diagnostic tests, including ECGs as well as blood pressure. Apart from an installed stretcher, the pod can also fit in an attendant.

‘We have instruments to provide primary medical care to patients including oxygen,” claims solar ambulance inventor Lavanian.

Compared to a regular ambulance, which costs around Rs. 15 lakh, solar ambulance Ambupod costs Rs. 3.5 lakh to Rs 4 lakh. Here is the YouTube video

‘We are looking for funding in order to launch Ambupod in about 50 villages,” said ex Indian Air Force officer Lavanian. The equipment housed in the pod is charged by solar power.

The solar energy angle is quite favorable to India as it has an abundance of it in certain parts. The three wheeled Ambupod, which is essentially a solar powered motor-less micro ambulance, can hit it off in states such as Rajasthan, where sun light is found abundantly and where the use of solar power has taken off in a substantial way.

Join me in congratulating the innovator D Lavanian who hails from the city of Pune.