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A 19-year-old Indian innovator, Yogesh Nagar, has developed and designed a driverless tractor and has become the talk of the town with his innovation. The machine has left one and all surprised in his region. Hailing from the Kagla Bambori village of Baran district in Rajasthan, Yogesh says he has designed the machine to help his father, who is the biggest motivation behind the innovation.

His father Rambabu Nagar works on land to fend for his family. Rambabu regularly ends up driving a tractor, a source for his severe backache. Due to the backache, Yogesh’s father was unable to drive the tractor and work on the farmland properly. This inspired Yogesh to develop a tractor which could be operated with the help of a satellite remote.

Yogesh, who is in the first year of college and is engaged in studies, was not able to help out his father on the farmland, but he decided to find a way to solve the problem without requiring any external help. And thus, he started working on the idea of designing a remote control for the tractor. After he arranged for all the required material, he connected the device to the tractor through satellite. The Indian innovator hopes his invention, the driverless tractor, will go a long way in ridding his father of his daily pains.

Driverless tractor can be operated from outside farm

Yogesh is pursuing BSc. The innovation, which has been developed by him, does need an operator, who controls the vehicle through a remote. However, the operator does not need to mount the tractor in order to operate it. The machine can be operated from outside the farm too.

In order to build the robotic and driverless tractor, Indian innovator Yogesh installed signals on the tractor which are connected to the remote. Whereas, some of the materials needed to build the design was bought from the market, he himself developed a few. Yogesh spent around Rs. 47,000 to build the innovation, which he collected from his friends and his father. The remote has a range of one to one and a half kilometers. The innovator also plans to develop a panel for the tractor in order to receive signals from the remote. The graduate took about 4 to 4 months in order to complete the project.

No wonder, the other farmers of his village as well as the whole area are fascinated and captivated by the brilliant innovation and want a remote for their own tractors as well. The young innovator wants to take part in the Make In India initiative of the Indian government in order to get an approval to further develop and adapt his innovation and make it more fuel efficient. He is also trying out green and renewable energy options such as solar and electric. Now, the other farmers at his village are fascinated and want a remote for their tractors too.

Today, the remote helps his father operate the tractor from one corner of the farm and till the land. Truly, India does not have dearth of talent.

Here is the video.

Image credit: The Better India