More than fifteen nations in Africa either have bans on plastic bags or they charge a tax on them as well as the derived products. Here are some of those nations from Africa that have bans or taxes to prevent plastic pollution. The entire world is fighting against the menace of plastic bags as well as its derived products. The problem is affecting the people and leading to toxification of the environment and damaging the ecosystem by getting into the food chain. Let’s join hands to prevent this problem from spreading. The following are the nations which have imposed a Plastic Ban in Africa.
Africa Plastic Ban:

• Kenya
• Mali
• Cameroon
• Tanzania
• Uganda
• Ethiopia
• Malawi
• Morocco
• South Africa
• Rwanda
• Botswana

Africa Plastic Ban has resulted in many areas having bans or taxes in place. Though the list is not comprehensive, it simply conveys an overall picture of the nature of this overwhelming global concern which plastic bag uses have caused. It also shows what is being done as a response and the African Plastic Ban. In fact, Africa takes the plastic bag problem quite seriously. There is an interesting incident. Before South Africa introduced the first plastic ban in the year 2003, the African country had declared that plastic bags are their ‘national flower’ due to their omnipresent character and presence in trees, bushes and the landscape.

Some studies were conducted in South Africa a little after the plastic ban was introduced. According to the reports, plastic bag use in South Africa drastically dropped by as much as 90 per cent. Although illegal use may have increased gradually since then, it is quite an impressive crack down on the menace that plastic really is. In fact, experts say that there could be a black market for plastic bags and that people still use them illegally, the officially available data points to progress towards plastic less society. Concrete statistics are available about the efficacy of bans as well as taxes in Africa.