A clean environment is very necessary to lead a peaceful and healthy life. In this respect, honey bee plays a vital role in the ecosystem. It contributes to a complex interconnected ecosystem that allows various species to co exist. Some flowers need early or late timing to bloom because of climate change. At the start of the season, honey bees have lesser food sources. There are some colonies which collapse because due to use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

There are some important ways by which bees can save our green earth:

  1. Pollination: Pollinators can save the world by using raw things like fruits or vegetable.
  2. Wild plant growth: Bees play an important role in the production of seeds like berries, nuts or other fruit seeds.
  3. Food source: Bees produces honey to feed their colonies during the cold winter months.
  4. Wild life habitats: Wild life habitats act as pollinators. This is important in the growth of tropical forests, savanah woodlands and deciduous forests.
  5. Bio diversity: The role of bio diversity is to support the growth of trees and flowers and other plant which benefits and sustains food and shelter for small and large creatures. “Green Environment” is a must for environmental conservation. This includes practices like informed consumption, conservation and investment. By recognizing this, public policy and individual behavior are needed to renew and revitalize nature. Image By David Dewitt

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