Kids are quite moldable and we can very well make them understand the role of trees and ecosystem around us. Our future can be either bold and beautiful or dark and dreary. A child is always ready to learn, ready to bask in the nature. All we need to do is to just engage them in some unique interesting activities that helps to build them , their future and our finally our future.

1) Take your kids outside :
We need to take our kids outside to explore the nature. Take them near the beach, explain them the sun, show them different habitat. Take them to the zoo to explain them the role of animals and plants in nature.

2) Make yourself an example to your child.
A child learns what he sees. If you as parent start leading your child by imbibing things that are necessary to save the nature, then the child involuntarily learns. Start telling them about scarcity of water. A child understands. Though they love playing in the water but they will understand if they see you shutting the tap promptly.

3) Teach children how to use best receptacle for the waste: As in reduce, reduce, reduce, reuse, reuse, reuse and try to recycle your waste:

Start buying recycled products like water bottles,  tiffins. Become a conscious parent whenever you tend to buy anything for your child. Always see if their toys are eco friendly. Start using Zero waste box from Babygear that separates your toys .

4) Start giving them work like to segregate your recyclables

When kids start working, they want some incentives.  Just tell them that they will be rewarded if they start segregating their recycled toys.

6) Start to work in line with your child in garden
Explaining the role of Caterpillar in decomposition process, helps a child learn better. Make them plant a tree in their garden space. Its a fun way to show how sun, water and air makes food for the plant.

7) Switch off the lights
Start showing your kids to switch off the lights and fan if it is not in use.

8) start cleaning up the beaches

One conscious parent needs to keep explaining the kid about how important it is to be clean. Beach cleaning up is a fun way to play and teach the concept of how important it is to keep the water clean where our marine life thrives.

9) Donate  toys
Give away the clothes and other toys to poor kids
Start making kids understand the concept of joy of giving. When a poor kid dosent have anything to play with, then you are supposed to guide the kid to share and care.

10) Watch a nature movie with your kid.
There have been many movies and story books that explains of the dangers of cutting trees. Make them empathetic.  Make child know how to feed food to hungry birds.

Image courtesy: Ushi Fatma

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Author at I am a freelance journalist, environment activist, fashion blogger, and a short film and documentary maker. My association with Taru Mitra, an organisation working hard for the environment in India, taught me the value of nature preservation. I want to make the world a better place for future generations. Being a mother, I know how important it is to do that. I love nature, art and creativity.