Over 2.1 billion people live without safe water in their homes. More than 700 children below the age of 5 years die every day due to the diseases borne out of usage of unsafe water. This includes diarrhea. The disease is a result of unsafe water and poor sanitation. What are the various ways to manage this precious resource? What would happen if there is no clean water? Water Conservation is critical. You can contribute to ameliorating the crisis in a number of ways. These are the four simple ways that you could use to reduce your water footprint and help the planet conserve this precious resource.

• Spreading the message: You could talk to your friends and members of your family about the significance of water. And how Water Conservation is critical. How lack of access is a big global issue?
• Increasing awareness: You may want to collect as many facts as you possibly can about Water Conservation. Facts such as the following can be really helpful: How much is the amount of water which goes into the making of a simple cotton T shirt? The liters of water that a washing machine at home uses.
• Conserve water and use it cautiously: Water is not in infinite supply. We must use it prudently and well for water conservation. Whether one is brushing teeth, watering the garden, or showering, they could always minimize the amount of water that gets used. We must all remember that the water that we don’t use can have the potential to change some body’s life and help someone else who needs it more than us. In this way, you will be a role model for the several others who live in your neighborhood.
• Learn to be curious about things around you: Try to find out the source of water that you use. Where does it come from? Discovering such little things may help you care much more about the precious resource and help in Water Conservation.

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