By Pritika Singh, Reporter, Greenubuntu

Nowadays, mothers are very concerned about what their tiny tots will wear or what they would project to the world through their clothes. So, ensuring they wear a different variety of clothes or for the mothers who are going to have children, wanting to have their children wear the best quality clothes with good variety available in the market, can be tough, particularly if one wants to be sustainable and eco-friendly in their approach.

Let’s see today’s scenario through a story or basically rather a tale- I was going around the market and was looking for brands and I found a lot for my cousins or children out there who would prefer, seeing today’s generation, the new trend of clothes that have emerged in the market. It was an eye-opener as to the variety of clothes they were offering for children and for the younger generation. These brands will also open up your eye and will result in making you feel loved for your children with the choice of clothes they would wear:


Aesthetically speaking, the brand is very particular and deals with the mindsets of people so that there is no issues while basically choosing this brand of clothing. In case of creating love and quality from the brand, it also creates great design and mindfulness of people. It is a sustainable production.


The brands that are trending today which include luxury brands like Versace are basically designed and generated for the toddlers who also are a part or I would say an integral part of our consumers. These brands have tremendous reach online and offline. The basic USP of this brand is it includes luxury and premium kidswear which can be found in one of these kind of brands.


Vibing with the brands is a very important factor in the kids world too. Sometimes options do not cater to kids but are still there to enhance as I said ‘the kids world’ too. So this brand ‘OKHAI’ is a brand that has a vibe that is Indian and is relaxed with respect to its aesthetics. The major and important aspect is its handcrafted clothing that supports craft communities.


Sometimes what we see is only just pleasing the eye. But here’s a brand which is a combined form of pleasing and comforting people. I would like to tell you that the hand-dyed fabrics and textiles are awesome to look at and very comforting. The minimalist range of clothes with muted tones is what is the central point of this clothing.


Baby products such as towels as well as blankets are the products which are a fast growing business as they grow as fast as clothing. So, this brand entails products which incorporate the making of blankets etc. for the babies to wrap up in. Fabrics that touch the skin of little ones like infants and they enjoy the smooth texture of it around them. The colours and print complement each other which gives a nursery look. The materials used in making these successful products are- certified organic cotton and eco-friendly bamboo muslin.


Technology-based brands include ‘Malabar baby’ and enhance traditional ways with the technology. These products include a range of items such as bedding for children and adults, handmade block-printed loungewear, sleep-sacks and towels. Turning from a kids’ linens brand to a lifestyle brand, it made a name in the industry. So, the main part is it mixes Indian culture and handmade heritage of India are very much introduced all over the world.


Teenage boys and girls! Here’s a footwear for you to wear and enhance the quality of what you wear and suits your feet. So, you should grab a pair of these or I would say grab these bunch of footwears because it will last till the teenage years. Being technically correct and innovative, it hits the trend of footwear and creates a distinctive image.


Here I would start by saying that, for tiny tots such as boys, you need a much more varied variety of clothes that use organic cotton fabrics. With Indian craftsmanship, mixed with French style, this is a fusion you would not want to let go of. The ‘Parisian touch’ to the clothes through the hands of Indian craftsmen is awesome. In-house unique prints created with this brand are superior.


Income generated for women are sometimes low and this brand aids women who have this kind of income. So, it covers Indian wear, western wear, accessories for both girls and boys till the age of 16 years. Bright and colourful are the most important criteria in cotton fabrics and they are 100% cotton. They also include hairbands, hair-ties and necklaces out of the said fabrics. The sales contribution goes to social initiatives that have been undertaken by the brand.


Focussing on sleepwear, Dandelion basically makes products which are for the night times and also focus on children’s clothing. ‘Fun to rise and sleep in the same attire’ is the moto of this brand. They have playful prints which may attract you and your children to put on and sleep with comfort. You can also make your sleepwear:- you just have to choose your print in the silhouette of your taste, add a monogram or match it with a loved one. Making pregnancy a little easier, they customize maternity sets too.


Reflection and inspiration are the key aspects of this brand. That is reflected in what you wear and are inspired by what your wear. This is very important for any individual whether a kid or an adult. So, the prints and designs are made for the personality of a person. The range of products are lined in 3 ways:-
The sleep box includes a night suit and a book.
The festive box includes an Indian outfit with a book of a god or a goddess.
The play bag includes a t-shirt/a book with an activity bag.

Packaging forms a colouring playmat and an in-built learning activity that is reusable and would build a strong connection between parents and children with the products.


Quality stands out in being the basic factor for any clothing. So, with a good quality and a very good quality of ethnic wear and sleepwear, the ‘Fragipani Kids’ brand evolved out as a brand for quality with affordable prices. The signature print of this brand is printed with the usage of highest quality of organic cotton and indulged with mom’s love.


This one stop shop for kidswear makes moms hopeful of putting their children into clothes as per their needs or desires. Fashion and quality make a perfect combo in matters of clothing. The refined quality of cashmere, silk and organic cotton in the luxury kidswear is impossible to resist.


‘Cool but casual’ can be the moto of this brand, as the word ‘Vihera’ stand for green in Finnish and it brings a collection of breezy summer dresses , shirts for both boys and girls in floral embroideries. Even the Khadi rompers and the summer dresses are cool and have a carefree look for children.


Even celebrities like Alia Bhatt look for brands with quality and comfort. Particularly mothers wear this brand, especially those who survive mishaps and accidents. For a planet-positive outlook and to give a sense of belongingness, this brand should be bought and known. Longevity provided through conscious prints is the USP.


Have you heard of upgrading a wardrobe? So, with online and offline comfort of aesthetics, the mothers want their toddlers or children to wear clothes that would cater with a variety of jumpsuits, dresses, etc. for the kids as per the occasion.


Quality clothes at affordable rates with quirky and cool designs for children: this is the USP of this brand. There are 1200 women who work at their factory.


Clothing that incorporates cotton and linens so that it fits kids perfectly. Organically blessed with, the products of this brand are dyed in pochampally, in Andhra Pradesh, which also has a great deal in handloom fabrics. The basic fun part is the pochampally content in the fabrics.


Coming from a mom who speaks for every mom in the market and who has clothing requirements for kidswear and women. Going into a deep thought and a pool of memories, it creates styles accordingly. Personalizing closets and clothes and having a ‘Dress up closet’ where the return gift service is enabled at kids parties.


The details are created with a new and fresh taste for Indian motifs as- Ambassador cars and rickshaw or chappals. The loungewear is crisp and cool with the hand-block prints and fabrics. in the rural areas, it is kept for creating these hand-block prints.


Babies soon to be born can be adorned or I would rather say wrapped up in this designer wear. Celebrities also approve of this brand to be worn for their events. For festivities, these are a great brand for the occasion. Basically, in Diwali or Rakhi occasions, the kurtas or I would say sets of them and lehengas embroidered with sparkles can be your next choice.


For a head to toe outfit, this would be an experience with gifting options also in the line. You can get great kids wear. The pajamas are the USP for this as they have a wide variety of them with colours to be liked by the toddlers and their parents.


Adding on to the wardrobe sounds like a very interesting option for mothers, isn’t it? So, these colourful patterns adorn clothing, bedding and accessories with an Indian stamp, a perfect place to shop.


This brand basically focuses on band-aids which are dermatologically tested or which have a derma-test for allergies which are latex free and don’t produce itchy allergies. There is unparalleled comfort and style, with a pop version of its own. So, in case of a baby shower or for kids of any age, this is the best place to shop and accessorize for the kids.