Environmental studies is controversial in the educational systems. Many people debate on whether it is required? Environmental studies are basically the study of interactions between people and the world, including living and non-living elements. It is a field which encompasses many strands of social sciences. Let’s us understand why it is important to have it as part of School Curriculum and College Syllabus.

Environmental studies includes basic science

Students are likely to engage and be interested in core science studies when they are able to see its application as well as its impact on the real world. For instance, chemical ammonium nitrate may not sound interesting to a school boy or girl. But, its effect on food chain, along with the various economic and political issues could make chemistry appealing.

Interdisciplinary nature of environmental studies

Environmental issues are multidisciplinary and need an interdisciplinary approach to science application (chemistry, biology, physics, ecology, geology, and mathematics). Environmental solutions have economic, political, and social ramifications. All this is hard to come by in a class room setting. Environmental studies need various skills, such as laboratory, classroom, field, library and computer skills, among others.

Environmental Studies Help in Developing Problem-Solving Skills

The solutions to environmental issues as well as the problems are quite complex and often force the development of various social skills which a student may not otherwise be able to develop. A team work is needed as nobody can possess knowledge, time, or influence to cover all of them. Opinions about environmental issues are quite diverse and leadership skills are required to help them through that complexity and diversity. Environmental issues also need the development of a long-term view as well as the need for social negotiation skills together with the pursuit of a greater common good. In any education system, pursuit of environmental studies has positive effects.

All these factors make environmental studies very appealing for students and can elicit true participation and thinking from them.