The World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated to increase awareness about the significance of natural resources and how to live sustainably. The day encourages people to save the Earth’s natural resources, which are fast-depleting owing to over exploitation and misuse.

Observed every year on July 28, the World Nature Conservation Day came into practice as the day which is meant to educate people about the best practices that can be carried out to protect our natural resources as our planet Earth has only a limited amount of resources left that we hugely rely on each day like water, air, soil and trees.

The World Nature Conservation Day also recognizes that a healthy and sustainable environment lies at the core reason of a stable and productive society. The sustainable practices must be such that the well being and health of the present as well as future generations can be secured. Being responsible citizens, it is our duty that we must practice sustainable living and practices and bring about changes in our every day living. We must change the way we eat, travel, shop, so that we don’t damage natural environmental gifts any more.

The Ministry of Culture, through their official Twitter handle, has posted a video and given it this caption: “Nature worship is an integral part of Indian Culture. On the occasion of #WorldNatureConservationDay let’s take pledge to conserve, protect, and sustainably manage natural resources and make the world a better as well as healthier place for our future generations to come.”

How you can live sustainably

Ensure water conservation: At home, take a pledge to use the shower much lesser than before and use a bucket for a bath instead. This will ensure that wasting more water, in long run, which is a bane for society can be stopped. Studies say we may run out of natural resources of water by 2050.

Encourage tree planting to avoid soil erosion and promote greenery around you. You can also practice home gardening, when it is possible. Not everyone may have a green thumb but spending more time in the midst of nature promotes mental well being as well.

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