A lot of people say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of a year. It brings in festivities and celebrations. And this is quite true. However, it also tends to be one of the most wasteful and consumeristic times of the year, particularly in the West. As a result, there is a huge burden on the planet. For this to change, let us all try to go green, starting with a Green Christmas.

Carbon footprint of Christmas is Enormous

About $75 billion is spent on something like Christmas cards and gifts: let’s look at some more statistics: as many as 1.9 billion cards get sent; about 20.8 million Christmas trees are cut just in the USA. There is no denying the fact that there is a huge impact of Christmas as far as the planet in concerned. Similarly, other holidays also tend to be wasteful and consumerism is at its zenith, such as Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi in India. Although global info is difficult to get, the Australian Conservation Foundation has reported that at least 2,285,000 tons of greenhouse pollution gets contributed due to Christmas in Australia alone.

However, this can change if we make smart and eco-friendly choices. With the help of a bit of knowledge, info, family brain storming as well as a change in priorities, things can take a turn for the better. It is not that difficult to convert some Green Christmas ideas into a holiday which has more meaning than the materialistic things on display and their glorification. Irrespective of whether it is a religious holiday for the people you or not, Green Christmas festivities as well as the celebration can be imparted a meaning which goes beyond what is usually visible. We could all celebrate the great festival, which marks the birth of Jesus Christ, to be an occasion to make the earth greener with our efforts at an eco-friendly approach to the planet.

In the fact, the best thing to do in order to create Green Christmas is to actually convert it into something that all enjoy (even the planet earth should rejoice in our festivities). All this translates into a meaning of Green Christmas that transcends the religious and the personal and creates edifying traditions. A Green Christmas could speak to you in a manner that it did when we were all children, which used to be chock a bloc of wonder, magic, endearments, and connections.

About Dr Kristna Saikia

Dr Kristna Saikia is an environment and nature lover. She is also an actress (both Hollywood and Bollywood), model, entrepreneur, writer /columnist , TV show host, poet, and reiki healer. She conducts meditation workshops for entrepreneurs, coporates, politicians, and others. She is from Mumbai,india and works across global platforms. She is also the CEO/President of billfortune.net. You can reach her at hollywoodtantraparadise@gmail.com